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In one of many twitter rants president trump called out california governor jerry brown over the deployment of national guard troops at our border with mexico here to talk more about it with us is steve walsh she he covers the military for k pbs in san diego right on the border hi steve just to recap governor brown signed an order this week that will allow up to four hundred california national guard troops to go down to the border but with one big caveat that they cannot help with immigration enforcement so steve what will these troops be doing down there so there are about two hundred forty national guardsmen who already work in various missions with the federal government they do things like radicati illegal marijuana fifty five troops down in san diego who are working various missions including they work with the coastguard doing surveillance in the port so it all sorts of existing missions all over the state brown hashed out this arrangement with the pentagon and the department of homeland security which actually praised the decision but then in a tweet president trump said the government in his own words will not pay for this raid and that governor brown is deploying them to do nothing so which is it is the trump administration happy about this or not as the military reporter i'm often called upon to interpret the president's tweets my record is fairly spotty but i will tell you that after the president tweeted what he did the california national guard came back a couple of hours later and said that no no no we have a signed agreement with the pentagon we haven't actually seen any deployment so far these troops are only very slowly making their way to the border even in other border states in texas and arizona and in new mexico and the like and the that's not exactly clear and the end date for doing it secretary of defense mattis has said that they'll stay there until the wall is built that steve walsh military reporter with ktbs in san.

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