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The case. Seo Dae radio program. Phone number 8889347874. Well, that gives me a little bit of hope, but we'll see where that goes. I've seen that the theme individual selected to be secretary of state seems to agree that China's sucks, so that's good. So Mike Pompeo. No. Didn't get a ton of coverage just say and it should cause it's a really big deal. Mike Pompeo, declaring the China's committing genocide. That carries a lot. I don't care what you think of Mike Pompeo, or whoever is in that office, the U. S secretary of state or any of the The G eight countries any of the big NATO countries and, of course, the U. N countries. Openly alleging that one of the other big countries is committing genocide. Triggers a lot of stuff, or should And I would hate to think that individuals just out of there seething hatred for Donald Trump. Would ignore that when China. Obviously, there's some issues there, and that's putting a very politely. You know, It's the whole using slaves to pick cotton thing that Is. It's a good way to get people's attention. But it's so much more than that, you know? Sterilizing the the women. And then calling it What were they calling, like gender studies or something? Gender equality. Bonkers not to mention everything having to do with Coronavirus. So, Yeah, yeah, it would be nice if you know. That would be paid attention to and continued, but I'm not holding my breath there. Um, on in military news on another front here. I was reading this story Are you familiar with? Hold on, Let me figure out what this idiot was calling himself. I had a couple online aliases. You do? Did you do the Bad ass jihadi. Or the Green Beret Jehadi. Okay? U S soldier hope to team with ISIS to launch a terror attack on the 9 11 Memorial in Manhattan, calling the site a quote key target. According to explosive Court papers released yesterday. Army Private first class Cole James Bridges 20 year old Cavalry Scout from Ohio. So basically he goes online because he's all like Isis. Now I'll just go online with my bad ass Jihadi and Green Beret jihadi handles. Screen names. And that will allow me to run into Isis members who apparently are in these various chat rooms. Well, you know how Whenever we do a story where somebody's like I'll just go on the Internet. Now find a hit man. Who are they always talking to? Where they always flipping talking to. It's a police department or, like you know, FBI. Well, this was the FBI. It was not Isis and so They basically this guy dug himself in deep Not only discussed wanting to do this, but his Again. The FBI, his cohorts. Actually received from him detailed plans. About various options to attack ground zero from a sniper. Uh, basic, basically using military strategy that to create these, these Kill zones, which she had mapped out. He also provided information specifically about how to go ahead and gain access to Various places in Germany, where there would be a high kill count. If Jihadist wanted to attack U. S soldiers. So and as the coup de gras, his cohorts told him. If they really want that. If he really wanted Tonto pledges loyalty he should make his own online jihadi video. So bright brains here strapped on Cem. Body armor. Don himself a traditional headdress, got a little voice synthesizer thing and made a whole jihad video. After which he was arrested, Hey was with third infantry Division out of Fort Stewart in Georgia. Yeah. So I'm pretty sure one trying to figure out and plan a Mass kill operation on Ground zero's That'll get you some time but also providing schematics and plans and information. That will Allow terrorists to attack U. S service members both in Germany and in the Middle East. Where he had he had spent some time there. He's charged with the alley. Everything so Let's see here. Included in the in the submissions were diagrams. That bridge is created, demonstrating specific tactical maneuvers and strategy that Isis could employ against U. S forces and these two different locations, including rigging a compound. With explosives for detonating when US soldiers entered. The documents included drawings that bridge is allegedly sent to the undercover agents. Showing various bottleneck tactics and His unit would use to create a kills own. Taking over his screen names Green Beija Green Beret, jihadist and bad ass jihadist. Really? He also boasted about how that he was able to keep his terrorist leanings. From being detected by U. S authorities during his time in Germany. He said. Quote The government could have arrested me so I needed prove them. I wasn't what they thought I was. I needed the government to get off my back at which point they sent it back to Georgia. The investigation and went the rest of the dude. So he faces Charges of providing material support for a foreign terror organization and the attempted murder of U. S servicemen. So sounds like he's gonna be very popular over at whatever military prison they're holding them in. Right there. I would assume that that You know, if you think of the standard pecking order in a prison, you don't want it. You know that. It's like, Don't be the child molester, right? I would assume in a military prison one. You don't want to be the child molester. But also you don't want to be the one who was plotting the attempted murder of fellow service members. Would think that's a little Low on the totem pole, so to speak, but Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong there. All right, 8889347874, the lowest of the lowest of tele totem poles in the state of Louisiana. I feel Will be occupied by a 79 year old. Who was arrested in Metarie. So this is New Orleans, right? Basically, police there were attempting to execute a search warrant on charges of Cem. He had downloaded some pictures on the Internet kind of stuff, And as they entered the home, his wife walked out. They're in to search the home. He's in the back bedroom, refusing to come out. Eventually he points a gun. He emerges from the bedroom, pointing a gun at a sheriff's deputy. They shoot him in the shoulder. Not life threatening..

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