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Is. Andrew is the founder and owner of Sports Boston. He is the president of dramatic gaming and the general manager of Uprising Academy Eastwards Boston. Just for a little background. Multi-platform Competitive Sports Company based in the Boston area encompasses dramatic gaming. So it's kind of sort of like an umbrella centrally and then there's many teams fall under the East Boston. Umbrella LEAGUE OF LEGENDS AGENCY US. Go or night and overwatch which brings us to the next accolade. He is the general manager of Uprising Academy. Which is the KADEMI team for the Boston uprising? So the Overwatch Lever. Anyone who doesn't know and yeah that is pretty much it you know. We were very glad to have you Andrew Yeah I mean. It's our first guest so it's Pretty Awesome episode number twenty as well for the for the podcast so sending-off Bang Episode Number Twenty and twenty twenty. It's pretty cool. Yeah so I mean. We'll we'll just go hang. Starting I mean like I said we're we're both pretty new to this interviewing thing but we'll go ahead and kind of slide into it so all that stuff that I just mentioned. This is cool. How'd you get started like? How did you get into these sports gaming? Like the world of sports. I guess it's always interesting. I feel when I when I see things or see people interview. Erico you know. How'd you get into it? And it seems like a really boring question but I guess it's a good place to start is. I don't think you know ten fifteen years ago. Anyone who's really thinking that sports would be where it is now definitely something different than the usual. Yeah so it's interesting to see every perspective on how they got there. I guess that's a really good question. So it's funny because like when I first heard about sports like like most things that Wanna hear about like new and exciting. I'm always just like here. We go. Here's something else that like. You know what I mean like every go you know and so I I I. Obviously I grew up. You know group game. I grew up playing like you know my first system was actually it was clicquot vision then television and then got my first and ten zero and then it kind of went on from there and so you know. My background is sales and management and all that fun stuff and you know when you when you when you work in retail and sales. It's like you know you said then you think like cheese you know. What else should I be doing? What else should I be doing in life? I guess and it was just something that just came to me one day. We're just like you know what you know because even before the my wife and I were discussing about career changes was just like maybe I'll coach baseball or referee. We were even thinking about as well. You know something like they did get out and do something else. Where it's just like not always all about me and just help others and I used to. I used to teach golf for a little bit when I worked at a golf course just like kids and stuff like that. You know short. We make sure they don't like walk out into traffic. Basically get kids golf. You keep thank you know. But it wasn't like I was like developing the next tiger woods ever. Shall we always make at you know kids get lost so And I and I like that so then I'm just like all right. Let's let's just explicit a little bit. Let me see what type of games are out there. Let's see as like again. It's just that like as much as I like watching all four sports or you know soccer. I watch every keep score. I Probably Watch. It probably probably could only really you know coach. Baseball maybe basketball. So it's like I had you know. Look up all the Games and see which interests me you know which ones a popular you know. So you know I went out and I you know I bought it like a gaming laptop because I decided love. Portability does love. You know. Want to be able to take it someplace you know. And of course I by the gaming laptops like a year too early you know where like before like they started getting like no battles one forty. Four you know. Megahertz minds like seventy five megahertz. And I'm just like I was like one one year too early but whatever and it's like seventeen inches so it's like I had order around a lethal weapon with you. I think I had. I had a buy my like my my whatever my got a little carrying case from like Iceland or something like that. I couldn't find it anywhere so it's illegal legends was when it Sorta Kinda piqued my interest. I thought it was like interesting again. I've never never played a poor. Never even saw it before. Like I I knew of like and again. I'm just kind of rewinding back to what I knew. I knew about world of warcraft. Trae UP I knew about counterstrike. Nuba duty obviously and this because I did play that on the play the campaign modes on my On the on the consoles though I just one day just went to just went to one of the supermarkets up in Burlington put up an ad because I I again. I don't know what discord was. I didn't I didn't. I didn't know where to find. People like an ad up somewhere and then You know I know someone Sar in him and his friends are like a five stack and you know and again like I. I still talk to them to this day but I did. I know I didn't know you know they're like average. You know probably low platt line cool. Yeah I am. What do I know? And so we just kind went went from there. You know so then. They knew someone who who wanted to see us go team and so That was what three years ago? And now you sort of like fast forward to where we are now where we have. You know Li Legends Obviously we have the you know the the partnership with you know the uprising with the uprising academy our we're very heavily invested also an F. D. C. Which is an awesome crowd and Where just finalizing our Valerie team? Right now oh which is which I'm going to tell you it's actually. It's it's pretty good. I'M NOT GONNA lie like it's it's pretty good we Team like what has like their their little one off tournaments and Atta recently at of one hundred six teams. We finished top. Sixteen so where? We're pretty good. We We we have some household names. You know we're doing really well. Where a good team you know again we have you know significant You know overwatch pro background but they they have the CS go instincts. Which is going to be very very important in valor. And where you really need those ceus go instincts and you can tell you know. Know when you strafing and you're holding those angles you hold those corners. When you're going around the corner are like the cross care place that you can really you can really see you know who's really adapting to it and and who isn't and ask you know so we have both coasts. It has the overwatch background. We also have a coach that has that does have that. Cs go experience and stuff like that. So it's a little different where I get that. But in terms of the in terms of that. Yeah I mean where you know. We're kind of chugging along here You know obviously you know I would like to kind of improve our social media presence but like my day goes by so fast Russia. They're like oh I can imagine I gotta get a graphic designer and the thing is this. It's so weird where like You know I. I believe in paying people for their work. If that makes any sense and it's like I would rather have it not be done than have it be done by someone and screw them over or not being able to pay them like I would rather have it not be done and so I try to do. What's ever in my means I can. I really very well could do might do the website. It's just that you know. Sometimes I just put on overwatch and final fantasy and there I am for about fifteen hours at work was just so weird. Married to write But yeah I mean it's it's a lot of fun. It's very challenging. It's definitely the owner of an ORG is the I don't know it's I think. Being a player is difficult but I think getting is is almost as difficult if not more because you know it comes down to like you know managing the personalities and that you know making sure that You know owner kind of sets the tone the culture for everything where like a thing like our our league wing is basically self sufficient. I don't have to in which is great. You know like Jacob just knows in our coach Jake of. They're just knows what to do. And just knows who I want. And whom looking for and so. It's kind of like an extension of me but believe me you know. I'm a sports fan too. So it's like I ride those high highs and lows like everybody else from gaming feeling. It's such a good bonding experience to whether you're playing competitively or not like if you game with each other you know making the decisions to either let people go or stuff like that can be harder to because of the fact. I like you. You build such great times with each other gaming that it's like Oh man. I don't know whether you guys play you play with any of your teammates or any of the people on the teams casually but I can imagine that could be an issue to potentially. Yeah it's the worst part of the job especially With the with the KADEMI team. Yep We're like So basically my job there is I. I basically do the back end. The contracts the the Messenger a few L. Hawk will you know is the obviously overseas everything under him. You have the coaching staff. That does a lot of the recruiting. The KADEMI coach also helps out with five reviews in the recruiting. And I'm the one that eventually sort of Very rarely have I ever stepped in me like no resigning this person. Yup but I'm the one that Kinda handles the contract negotiations and stuff. But I'm not really active in any of the scouting you know but I kinda do handle the the the other part of it. The visas excuse me the boring stuff but you know but also when you sign people you're also in charge of letting them go and head coach. Bill Yeah I can do it. I mean listen I sign him. I should let them go to okay..

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