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Your show, social brain. Jeans are important for the building blocks in your physiology. So when you don't sleep you just don't feel and look different. You are different physiologically sleep expert. Dr Carol ash talking about how important it is for kids to get enough sleep. And why a Bill on governor Brown's desk could really help. Mitchell joins us now, she's at the super micro Intel money desk. Bit of red today bid, stocks are paring their losses though. Rebecca, the Dow is down now just seven points. The NASDAQ down twenty two and the s&p down five as positive manufacturing numbers compete for investors. Attention with concerns about trade and emerging markets. Facebook and Twitter shares falling ahead of Capitol Hill testimony tomorrow and the FCC chief says in a blog post that may be time for new transparency rules for social media platforms. Facebook shares dropping nearly three percent Twitter is down. One percent. Tesla's robo taxis worth a lot less than Waymo. According to one Wall Street firm, Morgan Stanley puts tests them abilities value at just under eighteen billion dollars about a tenth of Waymo. Tesla shares are falling extending their losing streak to six sessions. Elon Musk probably doesn't have to worry about the SEC suspending him. Legal analyst tells Bloomberg regulators aren't likely to try to remove him as Tesla's CEO because that would hurt shareholders reports Saint the SEC is investigating his tweet that he had funding secured to take tesla..

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