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Nearly here gas prices up i'm rick johnson will president trump be watching sixty minutes later this hour stormy daniels is set to talk about her alleged affair within private citizen donald trump more than a decade ago former senator rick santorum says worrying about what she says it's kind of a lose lose situation hopefully he will listen to people who are are wise and understand that this is not a fight that he wants to participate in he can't win this fight it's just a matter of letting these folks say the things they have to say everybody sort of baked in how they feel about donald trump when it comes to these things meanwhile add another name to the list of top administration officials that might be exiting the ap cnn and others say that veterans affairs secretary david schulkin could be next he's been under scrutiny for alleged spending abuses to lawyers who will not be joining the trump team are former us attorney joseph d'genetta and wife victoria tenzing they say they both have conflicts with current clients with their dc law firm nearly forty dead instead seventy still missing after a fire at a shopping mall in siberia no word yet on the cause the tasks agency says the fire started on the top floor of the mall in the town of kemerovo nearly two thousand miles east of moscow the sharp rise for gas prices in the past two weeks and for the past year according to analysts trilby lundberg new average regular grade press is to sixty six it's upset sense from two weeks ago putting it just about where it was six weeks before that and it is also sitting thirty two cents above what it was one year ago lundberg says refiners passing on rising crude oil prices.

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