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They beat the rockets. They beat the nuggets and overtime awesome game and they beat the magic when they were very shorthanded. Which we're going to talk about. But they did beat them in the magic guard handed to so some of the good. I i know one thing that we mentioned a few times in watching these three games was it. Looked like we were watching real basketball real team for the first time in a while. It was like it was real basketball. It was nice to see especially because the the start of the season that we had. I think we started to and four his wrath. It was terrible and we kept running out there with that same starting lineup that everybody wanted to see change and then finally out of nowhere against the rockets carlisle decides to change the starting lineup putting willie cauley stein maxi in there and moving dory into the three and moving hardaway to the bench which is what a lot of people had talked about how their size was just a problem on the rebounding defense and defensive side so carlisle finally listened. He lives with us. And i think that he listened to our pod specific. I'm sure he did. Yeah yeah and so we got a new starting lineup. And the census starting lineup. The mavs have been three. No yeah i really liked the starting lineup. i ask i have that as a whole separate segment. You want to do that or just talk about it now. Let's just talk about it in a couple of things i wanted to say about it. Okay first of all. I love maxi dorian and josh richardson. They're guarding maxi. Is a really good defenders. Really good help side defender. Playing the three is a lot more natural for him on the defensive side yet. And then josh richardson man. He has been awesome. What he he never stops his motor on. The defensive in is just continuous he. He's never taking a playoff. So i love their defense and then he hasn't been the greatest center in man's history but he's been able to hold the fort a lot better than the previous center of mavericks history collie stein. He's had some great moments. He's handsome all right moment. He's had some like all right. Let's just try this another nugget that he he's actually held his his own. He's done a great job out. The combination of length size and strength is really helped. Mavericks be a much better defensive team. Yeah i just think like you said playing during his natural position. And i talked to other people about this. I think it was on read it. And how during his too small to play the four and you know they brought up that a lot of fours. Nowadays they play on the perimeter. So it's not like he's he needs to bang inside with them and that is true. I get that. But i think you really saw it in his rebounding. Like doreen is a very good rebounder. He's a really good offensive rebounder but his rebounds went way down. And it's because that's where it really affects him his size he's competing with these bigger guys rebounds and it just wasn't working and so i think putting him at his normal position three makes a whole lot more sense obviously maxi's a really versatile defender at max's a much better rebounder is better ambulatory in. I love dorian. He's not a great re like every now and then he can sneak in for an offensive put back dunk a couple offensive rebounds but on the defensive end of the court. He's not the greatest defensive rebounder aegis. He's not strong enough to hold a guy boxing out. Thank you as losing the term. He just isn't strong enough to do that. Consistently and max..

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