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And tables could turn real quick but let me get out to New Orleans lease mastermind. Ano- Talk to us. I will now is now which nests do champ good morning man. Mona Gamal Mona China. See what type of breakfast by the gut right. Quick Made the best motherfucking banana tank. Keith so you already know like I'm at high demand when I'm at home When you go all his truck job and when you gonNA open up the restaurant restaurant last time he told me you make Gumbo now you try you make paying? He might have opened up a restaurant versatile. I'm by the the Senate crawfish out serum they're gonNa let me hit a ball over here for like nine out of the palm somebody eat some would but yeah. I've I been a rare thing about this man of family Eram in. Oh I might be looking like two hundred twenty one for I do that. You know what I'm saying. Could I put another truck on. The road should went on his back and said Oh man. I think it's a good fight. Take a good fight. We all everybody wants to take another ads. been there would be a good test on knock it. You know what I'm saying and I'll really casino buying like I mean I guess comeback he not GonNa fight none of young dudes. We already knew that. Not Not do not fly on honor wide none of them so I guess we gotta take the Brazil thousands. I would like to get on the why of me. What about what about aggregate own was my man may all Ajayi after what about the FBI? Man Ronnie Ain't doing could briny cut crazy neither shelly bro. You See. FA good drop by by I Li- lyles in our bet. You Abu Adam beat that do Adam beat that do collider's ladies please or whatever. I don't know how to pronounce it. Let me double check. I'm pretty sure my man Adam called Nike beaten. Let me see. Cyp a Bluetooth together. Rather you up next champion I go callosities Adam beat them in Barklay kayode him in six so FA. God dropped Adam. Knock them out. No nog down for Adam. And that's what I'm saying. I know people get mad but just think about this for I. Go to the next call and and this ain't going nobody but just like when we start saying Oh this dude any final Biwa dealing while he wait for a title shot. Who out here got this type of resume burn like let's just be true? You know me he's in contention. Right there behind deleon white. In my opinion you know what I'm saying. Talk in terms of best resume without a title shot. You know him big Baby White Look Rodney Hernandez notice adorable. The veteran right then he four spilka knocked them out then four collides knocked amount then for more and got to win then before Gerald Washington not amount then he four areola got to win now about the. Five Brazil's stop man don't disrespect do everybody's trajectory is different but these are all saw the minute. Diminish his team says time to turn it up and they did that with author. That was his step up. Records Rodney Hat Hernandez was just journeyman. Ought to Spilka was his step up. That was his test. Boom boom got him out next one collide. He's you know what I'm saying. He only had one loss at the time trained by by Freddie Rules BOOP boop get him out of there Charles Marlon former world type champion Boop boop get him out of there Joe Washington common opponent with Aldo deontay wilder. Get Him Outta there. Areola another common opponent with Dante while the you know I mean that's you know. And and that's why they're going with Brazil. We all know that Areola fight was a little bit tougher than it should man and I know you're looking at this five fans but Kief Conley is a business. He invested in Adam. He get that money back so right now. This is probably a saas stat a showcase especially since they've rumor in it to be on Fox. He gotta gotTa look good and what better way to look good than versus the previous deontay wilder opponent come on this is beautiful for wilder is a win win for while the win win. You know why because Brazil is your opponent right if he beats the undefeated atom well then you just solidify also does. Aj Right 'cause Aj Brazil and then you got a comment and then you've got another opponent anyway because now Brazil Beats Adam He. He won't be a mandatory backed up pretty soon and if negotiations can happen with. Aj You got inventory. It's not that everybody wants awesome Brazil rematch but you got inventory. It strengthens your resume of Brazil. A win if he can't win it just makes Adam them a better fight for us is like okay. Yeah Adamant and wow. That's a fight now. 'cause Adam keep going down chopping dude down. Cyp Wapiti Dr Me So me who did on. Cyp claim this man. You know what's crazy. Is that a lettuce fight. I think it's awesome I hope that the UK have the same energy for dealing white when he knocked out by wilder because that would be to knockout losses to two champions. Okay fit the same way that zoo which are doing is trying to discredit Brazil. Because he lost a wound is what's I'll do all the time. See you ain't got this credit Brazil because the truth of the matter. Batteries Martin is out there. Charles Morton is out there. We talking about Ado. WHO At this point for random on his future? He's never had lot. We're talking about a dude who only fought on TV three times. Who is who is never going to be mentioned in the history of boxing unless you talk about his loss to? Aj that's the champion happy in that chart. That guys beat Dogo Dogo putting down the other box because at this point Brazil Beach Ardmore ness so I don't really WanNa hear all this disrespect. Dick Charles Martin has big devastating when knockout lawson. Aj So Yanni think about these days before Hayden because we know what your whole. which a whole line is your line is to take your right back to wilder his resume? Stop Dominic Brazil was ranked higher when he fought wilder then fought Aj..

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