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Football, Maryland, Frank Reich discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


Just gotta tell the story with the details as i have them in if anything needs to be corrected then you can correct i'm trying to look him up as quickly as i can general i'm just gonna tell you so if you could look up there maryland miami game it's one of the biggest collapses in the history of college football miami blew a big lead i think against maryland and i believe frank reich was the quarterback who led that comeback archly stir had the other side of one of the most epa comebacks ever then archly stir bets buffalo and i guess would it be the houston oilers yeah the it ida tenant i dunno tennessee every oilers at the continent oilers yet and you remember you remember that though one of the greatest comebacks of all time yet one of the great collapses of all time yeah that was warren moon and and then yes frank reich came in in the second half to bail the bernard shaw easter a again one of the worst bad beats in the history of professional football arch least or loses that ben and again it's frank reich knocking him out that hurricanes turbans game the your referencing miami was up thirty one zero a maryland came back and when i came two to forty with frank reich as the quivering like is accorded parche least her head miami in whatever points he was give it looked like an easy bed then he had in that buffalo houston game the wrong side again and then at the very end of his career as he's trying to catch on as a backup some where he gets beaten out by frank reich and if he had attacked frank reich at that very point a jury was that's okay we allow it the understand why it as you're in this condition a high frank.

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Football, Maryland, Frank Reich discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

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