Four Hundred Twenty Calories, One Hundred Thirty Calories, Forty Minutes discussed on Deminski and Doyle


And some of it's shocking right the good news is did you know that the easter version of the pete's like the little bunnies right okay four of them not just one four marshmallow peep bunnies only one hundred thirty calories how much sugar i look at that ruining like a week ruining in allowance daily allowance in one bite but the work you would have to do is a lot less than for example you wanted to what a bad one is okay a peeps hollow milk chocolate egg now that's where introducing chocolate into the mix but you still have like some marshmallow but it's the chocolate that will get you that one is four hundred twenty calories versus just one hundred and thirty and now you're looking at forty minutes of breaking a sweat on an elliptical just to burn that i mean like really breaking a sweat but it's more like real food if you say so anyway if you want to check that out we fashioned this into a brief little article and be kind of fun to take a look at the horror of what you might do to yourself this easter by consuming some of your kids candy now you like jelly beans jelly beans is on the list to but jelly beans are good yeah nobody likes jelly beans they fall to the bottom of your basket they're kind of like the surprise when you think all your candy's going oh i took a jelly bean dummy bomb your basket because are a little round in slick also because nobody's touching them black jelly beans are the best black ones most people don't go those are delightful.

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