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Data show on news ninety six point five. On the ground. For example. There's an experiment going on right now in the city of Stockton with what's called universal basic income where they're actually a simply distributing payments to people to make sure that that income floors lifted the ideas there are too many Americans who couldn't find even four hundred dollars in an emergency to get them through that. Now, I'm not yet. Sure that we know that that's the right way to go. But I do think it's a sort of both policy we should contemplate, especially if we can construct it in a way that it's connected to work. But maybe we ought to broaden our definition of work. So for example, if you are taking care of a parent or raising a child, isn't that work? Oh, yes. It is. And in some cases, it correct me if I'm wrong, but sometimes if you're taking care of someone your a provider, isn't there already some form of income for that where you can provide some type of basic hygiene services may that. That's the voice I think this do wants to be president right is his campaign. There's so many other not lose can. And I have a really hard time with I think everybody has a hard time with this guy's last name. Buddhi judge. Sounds good. Booty booty judge Judy judge was a south bend, Indiana mayor I think he wants to be president. He's he's talking about providing a basic income universal income for everyone. Catch the words bold courageous proposal to provide a universal income by introduce myself. I'm Sergio Sanchez in for Dana lash today, we're broadcasting from San Antonio, Texas, a big thank you and hug and kiss.

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