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Well, one thing you can do one thing you can do with Google photos. If if you have an image, you can then. Go in and you can do this on the iphone as you're doing it. As you're looking at the image. There's there's a place to look at the info it's actually that three dot menu in the upper right, hand corner says info, and at that point you can add a description, so you could say you could in the end description and the scriptures are searchable. So you can then in the description say, you know, this is for you know, HR brubaker before HR brubaker afterwards. And and by doing that, then you could search for those particular tags, and that information would would work from for the point of view photos. They had a program it said they had a program that was very good to do exactly what you wanna do call Picasso. And I know I can hear. Yeah. They don't they bought it. And then killed it. Yeah. Because that that exact I think so that's the kind of thing you're looking for isn't it? Yes. I understand. Yeah. Well, Google was say, well, everything you do with Picasso. You can do with Google photos, but I would add. Yeah. Just not as easily not as intuitively. So it's a little bit disappointing. I. No, you're not going crazy. I mean, it's is that what I just described that process of than opening info. And adding the Infos at not is that a nonstarter for you. Document management. So i've. Yeah. I just wish. Yeah. So you understand that issue of tech Sanni? It's photos. Don't have any text information. It's not you can't search for them. Right. And what the way Google tried to solve this with face recognition. And then there is some smarts. I mean, you search for dogs and find all your dog pictures, but you can't search for client names. Doesn't know that. So you kind of have to add that yourself. We're going to put the chat rooms coming up with a number of good articles on getting the most of Google photos that might give you some some clues. I'm thinking of though, maybe what you want. But you want this on iphone as well as on your desktop. You wanted everywhere. I want to be at a client's house and. Yeah. See that's the advantage of Google photos. Eight oh, it is on all of the devices. You described I could recommend a windows app. For instance, that would do it. But it wouldn't be on your eye phone her ipad..

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