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Than 10 remain unaccounted for. Jessica Occurrence of Waverly, Tennessee, describes helplessly watching his people took cover on roofs clinging onto anything to spare their lives. We watched people float buyer people were on top of roofs. Helicopters were taking people off the roofs. People were trapped inside the houses and buildings and it was devastating. And Waverly, Tennessee, Charles Watson Fox News After hearing comments from parents on both sides of the Mask issue, the Plano I SD has voted to require students and staff to wear them to protect against Covid 19. Who are you to challenge us as parents? And who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do when it affects my Children? Please listen to the American Academy of Pediatrics Be a district that teaches science not denies it mask all kids until it's safer and provide a real online option. The mask mandate goes into effect Thursday on the 26th. That was police departments defending the DW I arrest of Angela West. The wife of Lieutenant Colonel Allen West is running for Texas Governor Allen West said on social media that his wife was stopped for Failure to signal but police chief Eddie Garcia says it was a little more than just that. She also observed the Mercedes enter onto the shoulder and traveling between the shoulder and the right lane. Straddling the right shoulder. Mercedes continue to travel westbound on West Northwest highway while getting further and further onto the shoulder again. We do expect clear skies overnight. Arlo should be around 79 also mostly clear tomorrow with the high again they're 100 right now. 90 degrees in Fort Worth. From the V A P News desk. I'm Mickey Briggs. You're next update will be at 9 30 24 7 coverage is that w b a p dot com This is the news and talk of Texas. It's Chris Rock right now on use talking 20 w b A. P v.

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