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Now, this. List goes on and on and Priscilla. I, I personally as a PlayStation fan, I would not have indicted him for the video games, but that's just me. But setting that aside, what is the significance of all this of all this is at the exorbitant spending? Or is it something else? Well, so there's a few things here, right? So we have the misuse of campaign funds here, but we have this is the second Republican congressman to receive an indictment in the last month. Chris Collins was the other, and he allegedly leaked confidential information about the failure of a drug trial to assign which saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars. So for the GOP this is a problem, especially during a midterm election year, but also for hunter in particular, it's nearly impossible to get him off the ballot. So even though he is facing all of these charges, unless he asks the judge to remove his name, the GOP really has no power to remove him. So there. Things that are at play here, and that are certainly a burden to the party versus a help. Mooney. How likely is it though Nick, that Duncan Hunter will still win reelection? I mean, what? What? What impact do we see this potentially having on the mid-term? I have not seen a poll on that yet because no one would ever thought to pull Duncan hunter's race. This was a layup for Republicans. I think getting back to the corruption point of Chris Collins. And now Duncan Hunter Democrats had been starting to hammer Republicans a party of corruption, and now they've got the two first congressional supporters of President Trump have been indicted. And like I was saying before the show, there's nothing like reading a really good indictment and Duncan Hunter, just really good indictment. All the all the details at prosecutors have text messages and emails and how they were trying to hide these kinds of charges. How are they trying to explain it away to the treasurer, how the treasurer quit and they had to get a new treasurer because of all these kinds of things. So I think certainly like, you know what this morning, I started to see stories about who was Dunkin hunters, democratic challenger until duck, and. Hunter was indicted who cares? Now, we've got a race on our hands, which is just one more seat that is now in play that Republicans might lose added to all the others in his why. I think Democrats have a reasonably good shot at winning the house. Matt wrote on our website, the one eight dot.

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