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Excited. I kind of miss it. Don't forget two guys in that window. They only had Packers bucks and that Jets game so he must been going nuts from 4 30 on yesterday. So on that game has already done at that point with anything no worthy is going to get his best effort from the Jets. Dolphins. Just hiss. That is your sound check. Red zone had itself a day yesterday. They're two different red zone channels, one for direct TV subscribers, one for everybody else, the one for direct TV subscriber, says Andrew Siciliano, who has hosted every episode of it every week of it since 2004 I believe, or 2005 yesterday was the first time he has missed a week of red Zone because he had tested positive for covert. I think earlier in the morning Kid had negative tests up until then, but then a positive, which is interesting. That Red zone is testing these guys every single day. That's amazing. I mean, you think CBS sports Radio's doing with us? L know So Siciliano tests possibly like Jodie, Matt, come toe work everything. Every test was the pilot. All these blower, a leaf blower. In our vestibule. Just Aaron. You're blowing your clean of germs on your way. Now, seriously. NFL network and red zone has a way higher budget and standards that we dio first. You feel good? Yep. Come on in. Come on in. Here is a survey. Yeah. Mariah's goes into the office. Like one time every four months. He's like, Do I need a has Matsuno? Don't know You're fine with that swab just just wiped down the desk. You should be fine. Meantime, Sicily was getting tested every two hours like he's inside the N B a bubble, so he hears a one ply paper talent. Costco brand life school have added down yourself. Eat the wife. That'll be good enough. Every day. Belotti shows up to work looking like Homer Simpson, the nuclear factory. Where has like that guy in suit holding gloves? Now I glow. Yeah, he's been at the office so long is glowing now. So Siciliano test positive, which means they gotta put Dan Helly into the mix so healthy ends up getting the first Red zone replacement start 15 years And then the late NFL schedule is clearing the deck for Rogers, Brady Packers and Bucks, which means there's only one game on against them, which is Jets and dolphins. And so once the Packers and the Bucks became a blowout. There was nothing to show for Red Zone they had, like an hour and a half of doing sideline interviews from guys Earlier in the day, I saw interview with Derrick Henry interview with Mika Fitzpatrick. We They never do that because there's always some action going on in the late window. They had nothing. They're just running highlights of the earlier games. They're showing like 15 uninterrupted minutes of a terrible jets and dolphins game. I mean, it was a rough day. So you're right, whereas Scott hands has got to go crazy because one fun thing happened in the Jets Dolphins game. It's unbelievable. I'm actually shocked, even went red zone. At that point. We had both games in New York, and it was just it was dreadful. I made a big ice cream run in the third quarter of Fox Packers. Once I saw Rogers was tapping out, he's said enough that I gotta get some crumb cake. Ice cream in me. What? So you got crumb cake? Ice cream. Well, see what happened? I got another apple pie third straight week with an apple pie with all these foreign visits, which I've done enough with the forms. Had another apple pie had no ice cream man. Open the freezer. So there's a local, you know, Fancy ice cream place and they make this great crumb cake ice cream system. We're going to the crumb cake on the apple pie wouldn't get real creative. Here. Take ice cream does have crumb cake, innit? Yeah, Like crumb cake crumbles within the ice cream. It's like a homemade ice cream parlors of vanilla ice cream with chrome taken swirled in kind of a little cinnamon flavor to it. We throw that on the apple by So I was gonna wait till after the books Packers game. Obviously, jet game was over. I made the run. Got there got right back on my couch for the time to was checking in, but I never do that during a window, but every game was out of hands. There's no need for red zone for me. I had to get that ice cream is a quick 10 minute trip, and, um it's the other way would be noted. I did hear Rich Ackerman doing the ion football with Jody Mac. That's a heck of a duo on Sundays and CBS Sports Radio asked not New Mariah's. This is been going on for eight years Act was making a huge case during that blowout of why the books of the best team in the NFC and pointed to their winds now over the Packers and the Saints. I did have to text back and remind him I know you might be going crazy to Jodi Mac. The box. It's not with the box did not win that game. One job and I was gonna have my eye on football. I got a text from act until, like, midnight going. I can't believe I made that mistake. So Morales Morales left the couch at an NFL Sunday for the first time in nine years. Finally here, our programming and the one thing that he heard what was the host of a steak, at least think of the bucks. Beat the Saints. What do you say this more in chief? That's you know, that's like Mike and Amanda Will Jodie Mac an act? That's a great Sunday show. That I mean that combo gets You guys are all watching Redstone. You gotta get back and Jodi. They're taking a flying around. We got guys in town, and we got guys in Miami that everything's happening, right? Regan Preview another Rams game. We got a lot going on, eh? You need to be listening to that because you don't even know that they did the show. I didn't know that they did show that it was not to listen. That's a power couple of good Sunday. Don't know to I'm with you because, In fact I was driving one of the weeks earlier in the football season and I really wanted An update on the games and I was only getting ESPN radio on my my radio. And they're they're just talking about games. They're not giving any updates really maddening. They're only discussing, like in depth analysis of games that already happened and I'm like, no, I want updates or what is happening like I need eye on football, so I'd a pop on the radio dot com app. Boom I on football had Zach and Jodi Mac giving me going. Live out the site giving me score updates its way better because I could get analysis anywhere anywhere..

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