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Now back to the Sean Hannity Show. Right, 25 till the top of the hour toll free on numbers. 809 41 Sean final thoughts as we continue from our last half hour Mark Schmidt, he lost his 20 year old son, Lance Corporal Jared Smiths, one of the 13 Marines killed at the bombing at Cars High International Airport in Kabul last week. Darren Hoover's with US, he lost his 31 year old Marine Corps staff sergeant son. Darren Taylor Hoover. Um Erin, I'll let you say anything You want to say about your son. You You did meet Biden. At drovers. And if you want to talk about it, fine. If you don't I don't care. Um, no, We didn't meet him. Um We talked it over as a family and beside ID that we would we didn't want anything to do with him. Um We felt like that's what Taylor would have wanted us to do. Now don't get me wrong hater was over there. He was doing his job He was leading his Marines. And Going from, and we've heard this from a bunch of his friends through different channels are a bunch of his his man through different channels, her friends and to families. That he was going around. To each of his Marines that were in that firefight prior to The, uh The suicide bomber going around to each of his Marines, keeping them on track on targets of the firefight, making sure they all had the ammunition that they needed. Making sure they were staying focused staying in the fight. Two years a natural born leader. From from His early years. Up through the Marine Corps. He's always been that from his football team..

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