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Hey, I'm pregnant given. I think I think abortion I'm sure you would really say. Your. Our generation hundred bucks this week. So. That's what I'm saying what's the? Education is where I would agree with Steve Sharp a perfect world. You'd like you know obviously not to see it happen. That's what everyone agrees. Even most pro-abortion people agree that it's a bad thing in in we would want. Abortion you pro-life pro-choice rather no pro-abortion. There's there's part of that is there are people there are people out there who are like. Abortion but most people. Most. People agree that we'd be better off with fewer abortions this. Guys abortion like I don't write the check chief of staff. What's your taste? So that's your look. Abortion survivors right here we have statement. That's true. What a Sake Not GonNA play well. I think the media will understand its abortion Thursday or getting into the issues. It's election season might be tested political candidates. Type Ted's in abortion survivor to. Someone argue. I mean, is any part of you? Because, you you'll make a friend, right down. As he says workfront should you should you? Should you recuse? Friendship aside for the to be the moderator. I'll find a win friends as well. Like you guys. Work, together your travel together you've bonded the. Will be able to be neutral part of it, but they administer these debates in a way that is of great benefit fans. Okay. So you're the sole moderator of this debate. Yes. I may bring in some outside help for some specialists. Okay I guess I'm staying out of it. Think, it's only fair. Well yeah it seems very unbiased help trying. To be going on with us we. Get. We never put that put. That tiktok thing Oh. Yeah. The Nathan Free Offer yes. So he's a he's a just to set it up. He's like a second or something and the United States, Marine Corps but there's also A. Like two million followers on the Chinese Chinese APP it's called Tiktok China? APP. Reason one million would ever be verified dirty jokes. This this one why did you is person's favorite POKEMON CHARACTER Ash. I hate this fucking guy anyway I hate. To like cutting up. That's kind of why a marriage the. House black for that type. This. Well, like that slippy, very edited stuff I mean. So did he get kicked out of no terrier now with the so I think all of the older generation of Marines look at that as just a a violation of the code of conduct right? He's supposed to serve his names out there and everything they found it. So I'm sure he's going to face discipline I. Don't know if he'll be dishonorably different than military like you can't you can't you know. Especially, if you rise of Jewish people serving under you. Can, it's not part of the that's just not part of the deal but the other thing is like again because it really gonNA. Hurt him that much in the modern now, he's if he's got two million tiktok for. He's this shit. You're the sound from the city of Popular Holy Fuck is that terrible? I can pull up. TIKTOK. Again, I hate that Shit. Old. Know. I'm old I'm old it's. and. I do have less sympathy for like he's been. He's been removed from leadership roles. Okay. The three million followers. Jesus found someone's my space where they were doing. You know questionably racist Shit and pulled it and try to use against them. Now I thought. But now if you're putting it on Tiktok, it's like I have no religion you're in the middle of their military guide, their codes in the military. That's those are the rules about saying kick off TIKTOK. But he knows the deal. Just health to a different standard. Yeah. That's I mean that's some regular idiot fine again, it's also so fucking funny like maybe being purposely on funnier and I don't even know now it's it's. Not. It's it's supposed to Japanese anime because he's making Hokey Montross. That's A big. Push to his laugh is supposed to get a laugh. Funny because it's a wacky noise, I'm old I. Got I. Understand I don't understand. Where to hold sitting around pulling but that's not funny at least. Not Number. Though but that's just not that is not funny. There are people who are funny I suppose he's not one of them, right? I guess I can't pull up comedian you just got busted to the. Fifteen people came forward. Women came forward against them. You see this he was a comedian Ted talk as well. He's a comedian holly reporter had yesterday the day before thought. More christly accusations Oh. Yeah. If Not Tucker Tucker did not have any new Chris Cuomo yesterday he did not know he had the salon owner on actually did. That I mean, she just said I didn't set her up. This wasn't a setup issue Republican. Probably, I, don't know she looks like her Nancy have a similar philosophy when it comes to having worked. Hard being a woman that's that's all but she's. She's also a business owner. You know it's just like. She's more upset than than maybe. I'll look it up later but yeah yeah that's probably true. I don't care if I was just curious I. Mean you know she said that's the up also. So what Nancy close fucking stupid to wear a mask she deserves it fucking waving. Fingers around the. People. The other thing. The other things will dominate the news cycle. Today is trump yesterday. North. Carolina is doing his speaking to supporters and he says, so here's what I want you to do. You know twice yeah of that. Legal Mike. Campaign most of my. Most of my camping, five, thousand times present how you interpret it might be a felony we have the sound, the.

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