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President Donald Trump resumed his public campaign, against billionaire Jeff Bezos earlier this week by calling his newspaper the Washington Post and expensive lobbyist for. Amazon and alleging the online retailer has a huge antitrust problem some say the president's personal attacks. Are diverting attention from any real solution to curbing Amazon's dominance Amazon is expected to capture almost half of the US e-commerce market by year's end according to a new survey by emarketer here. To tell us more Joe Nocera a columnist for Bloomberg opinion. So President Trump. Sent out two tweets about Amazon on Monday he's sure did he is, not, a fan of Jeff visas. And the tweets essentially said Amazon's ripping off the government because they get the sweet deal from the post office which by the way. Is not true and said that the Washington Post which of. Course Bezos owns. Is nothing more than a lobbyist for Amazon's, interest and by the way Amazon should probably be investigated on antitrust grounds so in your, article, you, talk about Lena con who wrote an article for the Yale Law journal saying that Amazon should be investigated antitrust right, so here's where we come into this this this issue which is there is a legitimate case to be made that big tech Facebook Google Amazon needs. To be looked at Through the prism, of antitrust are they too big are they too powerful are there ways, that, they, should be reined in etc etc And so linear con a young woman who I believe was still a law student at the time, she writes this terrific article really. Long really smart that is an attempt to rethink antitrust so that it can include, so-called platform companies which is what these companies are and the article gets a lot of attention and. It helps spark it already started but it really, helps spark a more? Widespread questioning of of? Tech companies and in terms of antitrust and so, she, then Really recently. Goes to the FTC not as a fulltime employed but but but as, like a short term advisor to one of the, democratic commissioners and the FTC so that? Means that she's now basically peripherally part of the government hoping to instill her ideas into the FTC at the same time that the president of the United States is saying let's. Go after Amazon but his rationale is completely different from hers and hers is actually pretty scary compared. To a, legitimate look at antitrust but if his tweets or his interest results in an investigation of Amazon which would be a good, thing for the country does it. Matter what his motive is I think it matters a ton and and I'll tell, you why this is a country that operates under the rule of law and one of the things. Trump has done in One hundred different ways is undermined the rule of, law he undermines the, rule of law when he off when he gives pardons to people who don't deserve to get pardons different political reasons. You know he undermines the rule of law when he looks the other, way at his crooked crooked cronies the undermines the, rule of law when he makes money? On the Trump hotel while still being president any undermines the rule of law when he when he says things or tries to. Take action based not on facts but on his Does, what he wants And so if, you have, a situation the country. There is a country there are countries where where basically companies live and die based on the. Whims of the president, one of those countries Russia So so the fact that he's tweeting about this, put if the government were doing investigation into Amazon I think it would be a very suspect investigation and. I think people wouldn't trust it making? Dole regime. Is the head of the antitrust division and when he attacked and. They're still fighting the AT and t. Time Warner. Merger that was something different did you, see Trump's, hand behind that I. Did I did Trump was on record as being opposed to that merger he hates CNN which. Is part of Time, Warner Delray him as an academic just. Before he took the job said he? Couldn't imagine. Any problem with Time Warner ATT deal he gets the job and. All of a sudden there's a huge problem then Go to. Disney FOX okay so Disney FOX, has many overlapping businesses in the movie business alone there I think number one and number. Three in the top movies movie revenue so you combine the two of them you basically have a movie powerhouse and it's the kind of deal. That an antitrust division would normally look at, quite closely but basically it's. Going. To go through in a breeze and again Trump and Murdoch of friends and Trump's on record saying he likes the deal now this may be unfair to Delray. Him and this is the problem actually this could be completely unfair to. Him But because Trump doesn't believe in the rule of law, because he. Believes that deals he likes and his. Friend should should get a pass, and people he doesn't like to get punished you can't trust that the trust department is. Doing things on the basis of facts and legitimate law and not on the basis of the president's whim in light of the tweets do you. Think it's better Joe not to have Amazon, investigated well I mean the. Best. Of all possible worlds would be for Contre stop tweeting ha ha But. That's not going to happen so I know here's what I what I really think should happen is that Lena con to keep doing a work at the FTC and that the people who are trying to push antitrust in a more proactive direction, should keep on doing that which, requires writing articles which requires you know, doing things that are persuasive which requires, writing books and so on and just hopefully laying groundwork so that when a president takes office who actually believes, in the, rule of law we can we can then investigate Amazon and feel as though it's not it's. Not illegitimate And this. Is what I mean he's taking, things that the government does and turning them into into illegitimate actions because they're based on him and not based on law and should bother every American I use anti trust because it's something I know about but, this is going on all over, the government and it's a terrible terrible, thing and maybe one of the worst, things Trump is doing thanks much Joe that's.

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