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The row when he came to a senses you know that sign keyed in on those three things cravings of simple man from I don t the list of his eyes and the Boston what he hasn't done but it was a bad idea but then the older brother represents the pharisees the religious I just world who's there tucked in their room. No relationship with the father they've missed out on the relationship with other people in helping you know us as as bridges through Jesus on bringing bringing people back to the father they missed it. They're trying to some kind of self performance rules and regulations so he brings them up so that was the generation that I attached to the forty and a buff but here's the problem. You're griping about the cell phone in your kid being addicted to it but you're not having a meaningful conversation with your kid at your house. 'cause you're in your rain with the doors lot staring at facebook saying let somebody eight at Taco Bell. There's the problem we don't we'll have the relationship in the interaction times even which you're saying or what I got it from the yesterday and today is that even within a family structure in the unit. You've got this division taking place ace and the cell phone becomes the same you know Satan uses it against both 'cause you know I it's interesting God uses it also trying to talk about the problem a good thing just thinking back y'all were raised in an era era <hes> all except probably jap the youngest one but he almost where they're the they didn't have self Lantos as that O._J.'s that was why what an era where it was not up well. That's why we can use it. I I'm not addicted to mind at all but would you could you still spend too much time on it sure and but but let your thing on the on the product because that's a really interesting point I mean it's I love the way use it. You're exactly be ride and how it parallels the idea about the cell phone but even just that story itself and you said this yesterday says not the Prodigal Son is particle son's yeah because actually Jesus was aiming at at the older in so in in Manley's new book uh-huh. I tell the story in there because it's about forgiveness I tell the story of jets wandering as the younger brother but what's ironic is is that I to the prodigal. The older oldest son in your family also also went off the rails for four years. What's ironic is when jet came back now Jason I I'm having about the charge Jason's as well Willie's working with the college as which is now reaching that age and so when we had this intervention for jab his land was to us is what took else along Oh that's in it really affected me and I talk about that? In the in the minute. Let's say was thrilled with the intervention were right and then I realized that I was the younger brother and the older brother both I've had the older brother temptations. 'cause you know I've never been drawn. I didn't never smoked dope. I've had sex with one woman my wife you know own our wedding night for the first time but but the temptation in that is then to thank you I'm better I'm self righteous or to look look. I got mistake. I make mistakes in in in the moment like we all. Do you know evil thoughts and bad thought but there's there's a temptation to all of a sudden. Thank you better than somebody because you don't have as much baggage and while that to Jesus he was zero in on that that older brothers aren't you you gotTA. You should have been involved. You should have helped you. You should have thrown a party. You know memories that there's nobody ever thought a party for me. Kathy you kill fat and Kaffir. This lost one but you wouldn't even do a goat for. Are you run into this sinful but I made it all together all these years yeah. I've got an idea we didn't party for you because you're selfish and nobody likes you. You know you're mean judgmental..

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