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Ohio. Dave, How are you, Brother? Well, you know the jacket her up, you know, and they're playing against any better really place. Man. It is. We got baseball back, you know, partially, depending on which team you rooting for. Obviously, hockey is back, and this is an exciting time. I like to think that what we saw in that. Do you call it an exhibition game? Do you call it preseason versus the Bruins? I mean, what's the actual term for that? The ethnic exhibition game because it was most most similar to an exhibition game. Right. I mean, the way they twine that they had extra extra guys on the lost art for that game. They used two goalies putting used to goalie so it It felt more like an exhibition game, but I think it really did give attack. It's a good foundation. They're in the bubble. Yeah, that's what I was going to say so that what we saw in that exhibition game. Translated, and they brought that right into Sunday night in Game one. They were all over the leaf. That was an unbelievable display. And man the we were even talking about it on the air yesterday, saying they look like they're in midseason. Perfect form. It's crazy, man. Oh, and you know now that you say that if they think that maybe Boston was the absolute perfect opponent for them to play in the exhibition game because they've got so many offensive weapons Marshawn and Bergeron and Pasternak. So it kind of hit him up for, okay. We have to play this way against violence. And that's exactly what they did, Man. What a great point. I hadn't even thought about that. But, yeah, no better opponent in that exhibition game. Wow, That's a That's a great observation, man. And it got him going. Got him right up to speed. Korpi was a wall. I called it that he was going to be in it. But on Friday when you were on we're talking about it. I guess the everybody was thinking Elvis was going to go and I I guessed Korpi, but you know, I don't have any hockey expertise. It was just kind of one of those things, and I got lucky. But, man, he stood up. He stood tall was amazing. Yeah, You do have hockey expertise because a man crush on Seth Jones, but that's a whole separate issues. Corporate was, in fact great. He was, Yeah, I think Rose to the challenge, and he feels the chatter. He knows that people were thinking that Elvis was going to come in and be the guy in the postseason. And that probably motivated him a little bit, but I think again going to the Boston game. I think that you've got a lot of confidence out of that Boston game. You get familiar with the surroundings in the Boston game, And then he said, OK, let's go. Bring it on. Come on Toronto about Austin Matthews. Come on, Miss Porter. Don't John tomorrow, so come on. Let's see what you got, and I think you got more confidence as the game wore on, and that second period, saying Austin Matthews The best table in the tournament. So far, I mean, it really was something she and I think that will that wanted him more conflicts going to begin to as well talking to Dave Manchild. Fox Sports Ohio Dave. Another great point. I think Korpi did. He hadn't really been put to the test since he got healthy again and he's you know, you have that beat just being human. You gotta sit and go. Am I still the same Korpi? You know, pre injury and I think we saw that. Yeah, he still is. He's the guy. I mean, if you remember going before he ends up getting hurt. I mean, God, it was unreal. That type of hockey that he was playing or all the puck's coming out. It was crazy. Yeah, no question, putting all of our caliber hockey. That's what he was His name the All Star team playing the best hockey of his career. And let's remember, man. We've been sitting on that bench for yet forever behind Bob. Watching Bob play, and he had the kind of developed his own starters personality..

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