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Two degrees at four o'clock. Good morning. I'm James flippin. It would appear that the long bitterly partisan Senate confirmation process for supreme court nominee judge Brad Kavanagh could be coming to a close. Senator Susan Collins saying she's a yes vote on cavenaugh yesterday. The main Republican revealing her decision on the Senate floor, Mr President, I will vote to confirm judge cabinet, the moderate Republicans, but under enormous pressure from both our own party. And Democrats Collins cited the noise around Kavanagh's nomination calling the Senate confirmation at rock-bottom she expressed her desire to see the judge become eight unifying force for the court provided. He's confirmed, my fervent hope is that Brad Kavanagh were. Work to lessen the divisions in the supreme court. So that we had far fewer five four decisions Witter today. The full Senate is posed a vote this entire week has been filled with questions regarding the supplemental FBI investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct. Made against Cavanaugh Thursday senators had their chance to review that investigations results. Many Democrats called it not thorough enough back in the city health department officials confirming yet another outbreak of legionnaires disease in upper Manhattan officials are now testing out the water from cooling towers in Washington heights at trying to find the source, and this is after the health department says eight people were hospitalized in the last few days after coming down with legionnaire's. And it's the second cluster only a couple of months ago, more than two dozen got this disease and even one dying from it in the upper Manhattan neighborhood is.

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