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Out all depends on what the steelers offensive line is like in this game. Because that's what i'm curious to see. That's probably the biggest key in this game for the steelers. How was their protection. Going to hold up against his bills defensive front. If ben's going to have time in this game i think the steelers they put up a good fight and maybe these come away with the victory but if the offensive line doesn't block for them. They're not going to be able to do anything in this game. So i would see people that you could definitely start in this game and feel confident in is probably josh allen digs on the bill side and then on the other side. I'd probably say you know. Of course you're gonna start nagishi. Klay pool indiana johnson. I think they have pretty good games as well. I think juju you probably see how he does ben. You could probably go either way with that. Because i don't think the bills are going to be a dominant defense like the buccaneers. Were some of these other defenses. The rams those defenses. But i still think they're going to be pretty good. So i think the steelers they'll be able to move the ball against them. So that's my thoughts on that one o'clock game so moving onto another one o'clock you got the eagles going to atlanta to take on the falcons and i think this is going to be a high scoring game. I think both defenses. Don't start them. If you are thinking about it which i don't know why you would be because i i just don't think they're gonna go to the secondary for the eagles. I don't think it's going to be good. And just the falcons defense in general is not going to be good over. I think this is a favorable matchup for jalen hurts. I think he is. This is a very positive match-up for him. And i think that you know you look at the monte smith. You look at goddard. I think they could do well mile sanders. I'm interested to see what the running game is going to be like for the eagles because they did talk about it like it was going to be a committee then it seemed like mile sanders kinda took back the lead running back role. So maybe if you have better running back options there you probably. Maybe don't start him week. One i mean if you drafted him early enough you gotta start them if you're putting a lot of faith in him but you know it'll be interesting to see what the eagles running game looks like and we'll see how devante smith goddard and we'll see how jalen rigor dozen year too and they still got zakar at so i'm curious to see what the tight end situation is as well going into this game but i think jalen hurts has a really good game regardless because again atlanta's defense is not that good so then talking about it from atlanta perspective. Eagles defence is not good. I think ridley has a really good game here. I think matt ryan has a solid game here because you know when he usually does well against the eagles. And i think he'll do well against the eagles again. The interesting thing is how. What's the running back situation going to be like now for atlanta so i talked about it with the eagles now about atlanta so they signed wayne goldman and mike davis was brought in to be the lead running. Back now like. How is that going to work. I think allman is going to see some playing time. And honestly i think goldman could overtake my davis four that lead running back role and i picked up wayne goldman in one of my other leagues. Because i was able to do that. Because michael thomas i drafted and he's on the pup list. So i picked up wayne goeman because listen i. i don't think mike davis is gonna get all the carries. I think goldman is going to get a chance to play. So i think when you look at the running back situation for atlanta i mean. I think you do start date. Mike davis in week one. But i think going to be a little careful with him because wayne goldman could definitely take some opportunities away from him. But looking at atlanta's offense. I think they're going to do really well in this game. Both offenses are going to do well in this game. And if you've got guys on both teams. I think you definitely gotta start. And russell gauges a guy could definitely start your flex kyle pits. Let's see how he does in his first. Nfl action it's going to be an interesting game. Should be high scoring. It should be a lotta fun. That's my thoughts on that game. So after that you've got the jets in the panthers the jets versus old quarterback with their new quarterback. I think both quarterbacks play fairly well in this game because both of these defenses have their weaknesses. the panthers are very young. They're still in the rebuild process. So i think zack wilson. I know it wasn't the i know was the preseason zach wilson. Does well here. so you know. If you're thinking about turning zach wilson which. I don't really think he's a guy that's going to start on too many teams out of the game. Because there's so many other quarterbacks stat that you should have over. Zach wilson no offenses act wilson wilson. Looking at what he did in the preseason. I definitely think that if he has time and his weapons are good he will be solid. But i just don't think people should be starting out of the gate you know. I think that he does over here. Will match against the panthers defense panther inexperienced like i said well not. I don't say inexperienced. They're young So i do think you can start. Zach wilson corey davis. I think should do well in this game. The jets running back situation. That's a little murky. Because you've got michael carter. Kevin coleman tied. Johnson johnson actually was playing in the preseason. I don't think those guys are going to wanna start again. Depending on how deep your league is playing a thirty two man league or something. Which i honestly didn't know those existed but yeah i if if you're playing you one of those have one of those guys maybe do start them but you know that doesn't really matter. I think really the only other jet player. You could start as probably davis. And i guess i mean i guess you could say crowder as well and see. I like the other guys do allies. You're more and denzel mems. Because again i'm not i. I've talked about it a lot on the show. I'm not a guy that you know is very high on rookies to start out. Because i got to see how they do in the nfl. I like how they do in the nfl games because you guys like nausea..

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