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Pandemic, but since then there have been 279 new business openings. Providing some hope that Seattle needs we've had great progress over the last couple of months today in downtown more than 75% of the businesses that existed prior to the pandemic are open. Some of those projects include Efforts to address empty storefronts, direct cash assistance to downtown small businesses and workforce development programs for not only the unemployed but underemployed hospitality workers. Right here downtown in Seattle and Cara costing each camo Nick's tailored men's ice checks in from the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk. No games for Seattle Major league teams today is the Mariners Storm, and Sanders will get at least a day to rest up from the weekend. The Mariners shut down the Rangers for one last night, and we found out that picture You say Kikuchi was named the American League All Star roster, his first time making the All Star cut in the MLB, but he was a three time All star in Japan. GM's continue their home stretch tomorrow with a three game series against the New York Yankees. The storm remained at the top of the standings in the W NBA Western Conference. Though they share that position with Las Vegas. The storm beat the L. A. Sparks 84 74 last night, Brianna Stewart led the team with 21 points. They played the Sparks again on Wednesday Back home in the Northwest first goal for Alex rolled on. As the Sounders played to a 11 time with Colorado yesterday. They have not lost a match, and now they prepare for a Wednesday game against the Houston Dynamo. How does it feel to eat 76 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes? We're pretty good. I'm I'm not bloated. I'm sweaty. I just like I just want to lay down some water just gotta lay down after something like that. Joey Chestnut broke his own record and won the Nathan's famous hot dog eating.

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