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But we do provide a variety of programs and number two. If you plan to watch any football over the weekend for professional football. That is check out the forty Niners the forty Niners and cardinals game on Sunday. My nephew will be in the mix Dante Pettis. So if you just know that Dante Pettis is my nephew live with me for a number of a while when he was younger and. Yeah. I'm pretty proud of the guy. Anyway. Well, let's talk. Let's talk about the roller coaster ride. We had this week in the stock market. I mean, you can't get much more. Much more volatile than that. I guess you could. But you know, it has in the past. But it was a pretty volatile week. The Dow down one percent at the opening today about two hundred fifty points got worse than that before it turned around. But what it ended up it ended up down still? There was no rule recovery. It was down two hundred ninety six by the end of the day. So there was when you saw was a fell sharply started to recover that toward the end the our fell again. So and then the NASDAQ ended up being down one hundred and fifty one points for the day. And so the thanks stocks have been getting punished. You know, it always happens. You know, I try to I try to make sure that we all understand how the market works those things that take off and last a long time on the upside eventually give back some of that game not all of it. But some of it, and if the faster goes up the more gain that will get back you'll will give back the game. Not all of it is I said, but you take the good with the bad on those high flying tech stocks. Long-term tech stocks work. Right. But you just gotta take take the volatility with them. And this is more normal that we're seeing this week and this month than most people think most people think this is the abnormally. No, we haven't even finished our correction. Ten percent correction is normal between ten and twenty percent is still a correction. We just barely made ten percent. Oil status. It's six dollars a barrel. That was kinda interesting. There is no flation in the system. There is no place in that. We can see that is a worry. So oil, you know, usually, you know, when it goes up, it's inflationary pulls up everything. But it's been pretty pretty steady a steady on the high side I thought for the year, but steady going up to one hundred dollars a barrel like that. As you could tell there was plenty in the market, the talk by got lot more on on tap here. So I welcome your calls and questions on.

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