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You've also told reporters a suspect is a woman cal state Long Beach went on lockdown because of the threat with everyone on campus being told to shelter in place about forty five minutes later those orders were lifted it's four thirty five whether together every ten minutes on the five lose hours what's going on but I got a new Sigler now this is in the Bellaire area the support of past four oh five and north this is before Skirball center Dr a traffic break is being run from Baylor crest or about a half mile before Skirball center Dr the three right lanes are eventually going to be blocked until about five thirty to clear a heart a small truck a middle lanes and just want to see how the slowing of yeah everything is stop right there Beller crest for a while so you may want to get off at Sapulpa Boulevard if you can and down there man let's see Sunset Boulevard you can get off there and it takes a Paul that up all the way up and that's that would be your only alter that right now but once you get past sunset that's pretty much it there's also something reported on the northbound side of their four oh five at sunset but until they put up some other numbers I'm just going to say this part of the same deal or it could be in the backup of the this of the circular now now let's go to the two ten east Emma clay street all lanes are open except for the left lane and that means three lanes are are still open for you and this is for a car that went into the center divider looks like things are moving pretty slowly they're now little pocket a slowing between Hubbard and McLean but other than that I'm not gonna tell you to take an alternate route and then let's go out to the Inland Empire real quick and and this is through the room from the the Moreno valley interchange to the riverside interchange and this is because the sixty west only the right lane is open from the ninety one to valley way they may be picking up the cones there that supports coming up at four forty five I'm loosed hours more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio take a look at the forecast highs of beaches in the seventies around eighty inland and upper eighties in the valleys and it's going to warm up significantly by.

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