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So it was competitive. And I thought it was beautiful. Yeah. Yeah. It is kind of amazing. It is amazing. Yeah. And then when you see them do the same thing the third show like, oh, well, well, I think it's a really great art form for a little bit. When you're starting your your world. Right. I like, I think that's true. And I think that's one of the things I always envied about you, fellas. And I imagine you, you know, you find kindred spirit and the people you're working with now. What's the new show called tall boys at the name of the sketch guy? Yeah. That's the thing. I'm doing for CBC right now. And that those that's a younger crew, it is a younger. Crew and they're excellent. And you're the executive producer rector. Yeah. And they come to you like a father figure and say like we can't resolve this sketch. Can you help us, and he say make make that voice funnier? Yeah. Just or just get a better ending. They like get what we call an idea for an idea. Yeah. But but but what I was saying was that there's? There's something about improv where you Ike you going into it. If that's your thing. You're like you're gonna be working with other people, and there's an on at least that has to be some basic respect to for other folks and working on samba. Whereas when you're standing up, your donation anybody. Yeah, I'm going up there alone. There are different they're different. And they really are. And they're not. I mean now, they're we're all kind. But I don't think when you're young is kind as improvisers are. No because you just like you just build your own little wall. And you you got your own little world, and you condescend to everybody in a way. Oh, yeah. And it's like look out old man watch what I'm going to do, you know? I can bomb of coming in. So so once he saw those guys you got involved with improv sports yet right away. Yeah. And and then stop dressing creatively because I didn't need to anymore and just found I think. Yeah. Found that transitions. Like, I don't need these. I didn't even know. I didn't even notice I was doing it. And then I just start where army pants around for two years because you've found another way to define yourself. That was more honest. Yeah. You didn't have to pretend. Yeah. It was an met Mark. And all that. And it was like, oh my God you met Mark in Calgary. Was he? Was he from there? No. He was there. I think the university and he worked for dial a bottle. Is that where you find you fall, you take booze to boozer dial bottle to come out of real thing. Don't act like you don't know what style of on come on. Mark Canadians are ahead of us in so many ways, I LA bottle. But it was that honest that was shameless. Like, we know we don't want you to drive you probably well into it. Yeah. You might only be seventeen but we'll bring you one. Yeah. He's the only I guess after you. He's the only one that. I haven't talked to on the Mike dark. Oh, I usually I'm the last really people always collect all like, polka mints. It's like you're the last one I've met. Everyone says I know day I went out with Dave now everyone knows day to see him around a last yet. And then here's me, it's like you can't Kevin. There was the Kevin McDonald debacle. Did you hear about that? Which I had the wrong. Kevin mcdonald? Oh, you didn't who was the wrong. Oh, the filmed or a film director. I was expecting. It was a horrendous day in the way that like I was expecting Kevin. You're right. Having to show up. And then this guy shows up who I didn't know at all what the nothing nice scramble out to the garage. Do quick bit research. That's hilarious. And you did that when I arrived. Yeah. I did. Because I thought the other Bruce McCulloch via the guy who works at the Lowes hardware. Yeah. Hey, do you know that Scott Thomsen and carrot top or the same? I do that. You know, there was a period there right occasionally get texts from both of them right because I knew carrot top. Because I interviewed him, and he would always send these really horrendous..

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