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Weeks. We will expect to see smoke near the municipal watershed starting tomorrow. And for the next few weeks firefighters conducted prescribed burn of piles of slash. Prescribe pile burn which is part of a larger effort to reduce the risk wildfire in the watershed will run through February the first start tomorrow. Run off and on through February the first grey, the Santa Fe fire department wildlife and wild land division. Said firefighters are taking advantage of snowpack conditions. We will be burning fifteen to twenty acres of piles. They were made from fuels reduced project reduction projects didn't have a chance to do this last year because we didn't have any snow on the ground. Area. The prescribed burns is about a mile north of the Randall Davey Audubon center and sanctuary. Mile north of that fire department, which is teaming up with the forest doers. To conduct conducted. Prescribe pile burns will have ten to fifteen firefighters if not more working on the project. Go said, quote will also have a contingency fire engine on standby as station number one fire station of for mercy. Starting tomorrow. We'll go off and on for couple of weeks until about February the first. All right. You want to get in touch with me. Richard Santa Fe dot com story out today in the new Mexican good news. I guess good news. Kind of gives us a sense of the importance of Los Alamos National laboratory as a job creator economic provider for northern New Mexico actually for the entire state. Lanell employees. It's gonna round it up. Very slightly lanell employs twelve thousand people. The Butler lanell had an average annual economic impact. A three point one billion dollars. Per year. From two thousand fifteen to twenty seventeen. According to UNM bureau of business and economic research report released by Bieber yesterday. Bieber also pay the labs economic impact. A two point three billion dollars. Similar report done in two thousand eleven using two thousand nine data. So two thousand nine two point three billion thousand fifteen to twenty seventeen three point one billion. Economic impact. According to David Moore, the labs community partnership office employing twelve thousand people. Lanos own year to year tabulations determined that about fifty five percent. Of the seven hundred and fifty six million dollars spent on goods and services. In fiscal two thousand eighteen. Fifty five percent of seven hundred and fifty six million dollars went to New Mexico businesses. And that was up. Ten percent was up from forty five percent year over year. But David Moore said the reason for the sizable increase was not known immediately. Terms of land. Los Alamos county is the smallest in New Mexico. In terms of overall square miles. But because of land the provides a huge punch across the region. Taking three point one billion dollars. Economic impact per year out of northern New Mexico. Taking twelve thousand well-paid people off the payrolls in northern New Mexico. That would be a loss. Now,.

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