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Question is which types of systems are better at adjusting and this may just be the american in me speaking but you know i also think. The historical precedents are pretty clear for all of their faults. Democracies are pretty good at adjusting and when they adjust it's always such a messy ugly process but that's precisely when democracies lose their prestige like in the nineteen seventies or in the nineteen thirties. The irony is that they lose their esteem exactly on. They're doing what they do. Best the talk of much more difficulty adjusting and you can see in china. China responded to it but covid nineteen by exaggerating its previous supply-side responses. It's very difficult for taco cease to make that adjustment now. It's not impossible in history. I isn't a perfect map of the. But i would say the answer to your question joe. We're only really going to know over. The next three to four years and the answer will be those systems that did a better job of the acceleration. Covert nineteen created ultimately will be the quote unquote winners and those systems. That had trouble. Adjusting are are going to be worse off because of covid nineteen makes sense. Yep those great all right michael perez on off yet again thank you so much really appreciate it. My pleasure thank you. Yeah that was great. Michael thank you so much for coming back. Sorry can i just ask one. What's the mood like. In beijing. At the moment and i i'm curious like are people going out i know you You had some interest in nightclubs like are people going out to clubs at the moma. Are they allowed to you. Well things completely opened up around september. A lot of my bands were touring. China is amazing. soldout shows everywhere they went at cetera et cetera. And then about a month ago because of the new outbreak in hood bay province which surrounds us. All the shows in beijing were counseling. They haven't been reopened. But we're expecting them to reopen fairly soon. So you know you go outside and everything is packed. What's your favorite band right. Now that we should check out. Oh god it's like asking. You know your favorite son or daughter there. There's a lot of them You know what's interesting is that there was this new. Tv show that came out. You know all of our indie bands were indie bands. You know the most famous one carsick cars could play. Any you know could draw an audience of two hundred now when they announce a tour in three months within a minute. Half of the tourists sold out and within a day the entire tour sold out and these are venues of two thousand and three thousand people. So we're really starting to see a sea change in the The attitude towards what was a very indie underground music scene. So that's pretty exciting. I'm gonna have to listen to some carsick cars on spotify so he came fourteen ourselves besides me lonely leary A dream kind of. There's so many jokes. great. I i'll have to. I'll have to start adding them to my morning rotation thank you there. You go do it at some point. Maybe we'll have to have you back. And some for just a discussion on chinese indian punk bands and just talk about is love.

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