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On John Cooley and topping Austin's news in South Carolina a north myrtle beach city spokesman says officials believe one or more suspected tornadoes from hurricane Dorian damaged several homes in the city Thursday morning results from the twenty nineteen lyceum poll are in showing fifty eight percent of Texans believe the nation is headed in the wrong direction compared to only forty one percent who think it's going the right way and as Texada now his plans for new manage lanes on I. thirty five north and south of Austin many are wondering what about the road through downtown in UT campus tech stocks Diane Hodges says thanks to a limited right of way that's a big head scratch for them to still figuring out exactly what that's going to be and what that's going to look like obviously going through downtown I have some complications your tail BJ radar weather watch clear overnight low seventy too high of a hundred and one get Austin news on demand it newsradio kale B. J. dot com. bring something deliciously different your next backyard barbecue business meeting or celebration with party platters from edible arrangements made with fresh succulent fruit and rich indulgent chocolate these potters aren't just delicious they're also beautiful with artful design for any occasion and prices starting at only thirty four ninety nine you can count on edible arrangements to add some sweetness to your next event to place your order or to see what we have to offer stop by your neighborhood edible arrangements or give us a call today this is a message from the emergency stuff crust warning system she. Caesar's after most bestest pizza now has three feet of cheese stuffed in the crust for just nine Bucks I repeat it as three feet of cheese stuffed in the crust he. that concludes the message from the emergency stuff crust warning system get a large little Caesars sector most bestest pepperoni stuffed crust pizza for nine dollars for national pizza chains extremist verses one. the standard price is three feet of cheese before cooking okay since plus tax it's a pizza hi I'm Jay Farner CEO of quicken loans thirty percent of Americans who are planning home improvement of five thousand dollars or more will pay for those renovations with a high interest credit card that may not be a great idea a better idea maybe to take cash out of your home with the quicken loans thirty year fixed rate mortgage the rate today in our thirty year fixed rate mortgage is four point one two five percent APR four point two two percent call us today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocket mortgage dot com rates of exchange it because if you receive a discount rate cut across a permission intelligence because when it wasn't enough to six and one hundred thirty. in your attic fully covered means fully insulated if you can see your rafters you're losing heat and money to home depot it's easy to add blowing insulation yourself just a few hours and you'll save up to fifteen percent on heating and cooling costs for years to come today is the day for doing to cover up before winter gets here right now get a free blowing machine rental when you purchase ten bags or more select low in inflation only at the home depot more saving more doing. saying that show by T. mobile cut the best deal and wireless and it's all for you all from beat just switch quickly because metro has to lance but AT and two Samsung galaxy J. seven stock falls for free Amazon prime included.

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