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It's. Good morning last time. Michael Cohen, testified before congress. He lied by his own admission. What questions do lawmakers have as the president's lawyer prepares to testify again. We'll have more on morning edition from NPR news. In a tight job market employers or learning job candidates with a new benefit help in repaying student loans. I'm David grain. And I'm Steve Inskeep. Why is Virginia's Lieutenant governor comparing himself to lynching victims. Also, scientists say anger is contagious angry posts on social media make other people angry. What if empathy works the same way? Vice president Pence meets the man who wants to be leader of Venezuela and President Trump prepares to meet the leader of North Korea. It is Monday February twenty fifth and Chelsea handler is forty four years old today. The news is next. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm korva Coleman. President Trump leaves a few hours to fly to Vietnam. He scheduled to hold his second summit there with North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN his first summit last summer produced few concrete results. Although Trump has insisted the goal is denuclearization on the Korean peninsula. The president told a group of governors on Sunday. He didn't want to rush anyone into a major breakthrough. And he would be happy as long as North Korea continues to refrain from weapons testing. Meanwhile, vice President Mike Pence is traveling to Colombia today. NPR's Matthew Schwartz says he will meet other Latin American leaders to discuss the situation in Venezuela. Pence will speak to a group of more than a dozen nations and Bill a he'll also meet with opposition leader, one Guido, whom the US and dozens of governments have recognized as Venezuela's leader President Nicolas Maduro blocked shipments of food and medicine this weekend, claiming the aid was just a pretext for a US. Invasion NPR's Matthew Schwartz. Chinese tech giant walkway is taking center stage at the world's biggest mobile industry trade fair this week in Spain the company has been involved in an ongoing cybersecurity dispute with the US it's beginning to raise its profile among competitive companies such as apple and Samsung will see Ben Evita's has more the NWC Barcelona, formerly known as a world mobile. Congress is expected to draw one hundred thousand visitors from all over the world while they received praise Sunday evening as it unveiled a new five G phone with a folding screen joining the latest trend of bendable devices. It's not on sale yet. While while always market is growing in Europe and Asia, it's blocked in the US. There have been security concerns that the phones equipment could facilitate digital espionage on behalf of China's government. The company has rejected these allegations saying there are no proven cases. For NPR news. I'm Lucia visas in Barcelona the Oscar for best picture has gone to green book, a segregation era story about a black musician and his white chauffeur NPR's. Bob Mondello reports. The Oscar win is history repeating itself in a way thirty years ago. Spike Lee's, do the right thing lost best picture to a gentler film about race. Driving miss daisy. So there was a parallel in lease black klansman losing this time to green book. But black klansman did win Lee his first competitive Oscar best adapted screenplay, and he used his moment in the spotlight to urge the audience to make the mall choice between love versus. Hey. Let's do right. Thank you. The award for best director went for the fifth time in six years to a Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron for Roma and in perhaps the evenings. Biggest surprise without a host the telecast moved right along. Bob, Mondello NPR news. You're listening to NPR news from Washington and from KCRW, I'm Cheri laser with state and local headlines for the first time ever, the head of California's Republican party is a woman and a Latina today. We are starting the next chapter in our party's history. That's just kept Paterson. She won the election for state party chair yesterday in it heated race against two rivals who argued the party should embrace President Trump rather than reject or ignore him in her victory speech Patterson, vowed to take the fight to the Democrats let serve notice to the Democrats in California that we are back, and we are ready to deliver on the Republican comeback. Patterson currently leads an organization that recruits and trains, St Leger. Slate of candidates. She's a close ally of house minority leader Kevin McCarthy and had the backing of most California Republican lawmakers. The city of Ventura has released a long awaited report delving into how ficials responded to the Thomas wildfire in thousand seventeen that fire victims have been demanding answers for the past year specifically about a loss of water pressure. They say prevented firefighters from saving as many homes as possible. But as KCRW's Catherine Barnes explains the report is vague when it comes to the issue of water an explanation doesn't come until the final page. It says the city's water system lost pressure as firefighters rushed to battle the exploding wildfire and as water began to leak out of damaged homes, but it goes on to say the system operated as designed and that no urban water system is designed to protect against a massive unstoppable wildfire. Many Thomas fire victims aren't satisfied with this explanation, though. But it's probably all they'll get for a while said he officials have been vague about the water situation, citing pending litigation and the potential for future lawsuits. The city says. It's taking steps to become more resilient like installing additional generators. The Thomas fire was the state's largest at the time. It burned more than thousand homes and other buildings and killed two people. And a jury in federal court in San Francisco will decide whether roundup we killer caused a California man's cancer in a trial that plaintiffs attorneys say could help determine the fate of hundreds of similar lawsuits. Opening statements in seventy year old Edwin Harman's lawsuit against Monsanto are scheduled to get underway today. He's the second plaintiff to go to trial out of thousands around the country who claim that roundup causes cancer. Monsanto says studies have established that the active ingredient in roundup is safe. A San Francisco jury last year awarded another man two hundred eighty nine million after determining that round up caused his non-hodgkin's lymphoma. A judge later reduced that award to seventy eight million. Support for NPR comes from capterra for helping people find the right software.

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