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And maybe other connections can happen with the other people are it so it's it's in some sense the presence economy of sorts that multiple currencies getting exchanged some people are extending social capitals on people are extending actual money. Some people are changing it for demand generation but then this is a very nascent state of the economy and we actually building and organizing that. So help us understand. The difference. say we're used to. I'm trying to think of how many conferences i've been to that. Were all web. And i think the ones that i have been to have been have been sort of like what you described there. The there are essentially the conference the way it always was. But your sitting there watching it for eight hours or whatever as you said you know. They may have breakout rooms. For example they'll put you together with a couple of other people and there's a topic or that's the networking or or whatever. What's what's compare that. What people what i think most people are used to to. What what an air meet experiences like let so we have a real good understanding of you know we should check this out so Meat is the both mix of informal and formal Flavors toward event right so the former fluid event is when all your programmed content programme activities happen and informative win. The participants also have a degree of freedom to create their own conversations. Jump into conversation they didn't like and so that is what the in naturalist bill that uniqueness up here which is the author of a much bigger deal momentum degree of participation to the themselves so okay with that so without the meeting organizer needing to be involved for example. Yup yup absolutely. Okay all right. Because i'm thinking about like zoom if you're not the meeting organizer you can chat with somebody if they let you see everybody else but it's just typing it. It's not you can't talk to somebody on your own so armee air meet allows you to do that absolutely and social lounge thing. Is that what i read about. This social lounge feature is that that sort of beginning thing where you were talking about. you know. we're looking at a blank screen or a static screen versus having an experience while while you're waiting for the meeting to happen or something or is it some sort of social social lounges. Where you have to wait for the star and that is that is very you know you can. You can take a seat and then become available for other people to come and join in our conversation. That was our minimum product to bring about an talking expedience in place operating expense and and the baby of designed. It's like a top down view of a banquet tables where you can. Actually you know more and does it on a table and then smoke one other..

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