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The old river channels that i found as a kid he would walk the ranch with his mom and spot the tracks where the river used to flow through their property meandering back and forth across the floor of this valley the way it had flowed before settlers arrived his great great grandparents homestead at this land and had likely used oxen and plows to dredge and street in the river basically they pushed it to one side of the valley to make room for fields and pastors for their livestock but james love to go fishing and even as a little kid he knew that salmon like curvier slowermoving rivers instead of st flowing shoots are black to save our ad nauseam new really complex ideas about aquatic macro invertebrate diversity and stuff like that but the the truth of the matter is that i looked at this winding courses of action river tracking thought man that would fish better use to make crayon drawings of how he pictured the river winding what what did your what is your drawings look like probably like a jackson pollock painting clumsiness drawings may have been james was onto something salmon look for shady bends in rivers where they can find quiet pools inside channels to arrest in lay their eggs and endangered chinook salmon spawn in the will lower river so years later when the federal government was looking for partners to help restore salmon habitat six ranch looked like a good fit but i everyone would have to deal with the fact that many ranchers and land owners don't particularly trust government officials and james's mother lies a jane already had complicated feelings about the government because the socalled timber wars of the nineteennineties back then the federal government had put the spotted owl on the endangered species list and that triggered new regulations to limit timber harvests in order to protect the bird.

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