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You know just slowing down or stopping not usually when the best stuff has hit me In most of the you know creations and ideas that I've had to usually come from. Yes. It's come from like lifting right and then, but it didn't come like during lift the came while I was at home doing nothing digging around. Take us on Outta here andruw. Absolutely thank you everybody for today's podcast. Thank you the Piedmontese responser in this episode for more information on them tick the Youtube and facebook descriptions and the podcast show notes Please make sure you're on the PODCAST. Mark Browse Power Project on instagram and don't just follow like hang out with us be a part of. The Community tag on your stories. If you guys are listening to this, I love seeing as when you screen shot that you're listening to it or even like some people have like fancy cars and actually take pictures of their dash and it shows like listening to mark bells power project do that. I love reshare those that's a lot of fun for. Shitty car if it's a shitty car like. Mind but like doesn't have all that fancy stuff to screen shot does pretty damn good somebody else's photo. Yeah. Oh, that's even better. Yeah. We'll. All you guys can do is just go to your friend has tesla in there's and then put it on your so not only do you win but we win because it's like Oh shit our. Our fans are like ballers. This is great. That interact with us on twitter that's at NBA Power Project on twitter, and then like I said Youtube facebook all over the place My instagram is at Andruzzi insieme where you at NC Matignon instagram youtube and Mcginn Yang twitter, and by the way there's panther videos on Youtube and there's exclusive ones a marple dot com. So check those out. Smooth smooth at mark smelly bell strengths never weakness week this never strength catch y'all later. I'm. OUTTA here..

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