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Tell you about a brand new. Podcast called the just enough family. It's the story of the rise in fall of the steinberg's who were one one of the richest family in america through the eyes of its most charismatic member. The fashion designer liz lang liz is the niece of the infamous corporate raider south steinberg. Who amassed a fortune before he was thirty and brought his entire tight knit jewish family along for the ride but the family fractures and loses. Everything after sal has a stroke and a little brother robert takes control family. Business and presides over. The largest insurance company collapsed in american history. The just enough family podcast is hosted by new yorker staff writer and bestselling author are levy who had unprecedented access to the steinberg's because of her close friendship with liz profound intimacy over the top party staggering success unexpected loss and shocking betrayal are woven together into a high profile family. Therapy session the conversations. The steinberg's have with arielle are starting lee frank and revealing and will leave listeners. Dying to find out what happens next. Here's a clip from the just family. We're going to hear liz in her little sister. Jane talk about how differently they experienced the childhood. And we're going to hear their parents talk about how differently. They thought of their daughters. Listen to the family available on apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever. You're hearing me right now. I wish my stupid bucket bones. You shut up leaving alone by because he tells me all. These says you should do this and you do that and then i miss out. I miss out on something. Oh my god let me see my phone says. Oh he ross. You've had this many hours this week. An average of screen time. Maybe maybe yours you decide on the phone walk by aaron and the one thing that could possibly happen that i make phone fuck you talk with ross. Get straight talk with ross with. Tv's broth matthews and friends. There's the key there's malone awful dare c. j. j. j. j. hip-hip-hooray it's straight talk with us. And our secret sauce it's friendship laughter farting and sex. We'd love we love buffets. Oh and we're not foods 'cause we love our loons straight talk with raw. Think outside the fox if everything a- podcast should be. I'm sorry about this song. I know that it's all wrong on charta. Nee qua- on top with ross. You so much. Thank you so much. We are hundred by that. Surrounds malone and mckee are here. Cj is not here Would get back next week. Okay so i see syria says he. Ross don't don't be on your phone so much so i really just. I thought i'm gonna leave. I'm going to go for a walk. But i see something i see. You know the one if you do you think of anything that i would see that i would need to take a picture for a for a for you. Guys what would it be. What would one thing you guys that i prefer leprechaun lebanon other than leprechaun. No yes malone drag queen doing the splits on. That'd be better than that. But worse than that. I think you ought way. He's he thinks somebody matching and matching outfits. No no that'd be good. No it's even but it's the one thing that's what the universe meet me. See that when. I am going to bin. This is what you saw. How i'm looking for ross. Left santa all my gun flip gets even we have today. This is exciting this highly. That'll be scotty bisexual. The gene and a plucky all of day merchandise that cook y'all dot com house the merge sale. How are they going surprisingly. Good thank you. Everyone supported me. Of course cookie. I saw you on tech talk the other day. I thought cookie. You've got one hundred twenty six thousand people calling to talk They do you teach me talk. I don't understand. I don't fully get it either. I just upload in some things do walsum don't use it. There's no formula to it. There's some real freak shows on there. And i'll say that with love nikki. Boyer sends me these things. And i said she sent me something with a bearded lady licking a plastic fork. I go nikki boyer you. Why would you send that to me. And she goes. I don't know is in the us section on my talk and i will. You need to examine that. You need to look deep within to see that recommended that for you circus people. Oh people that is. That's what it is. I know this new account on instagram eighties new screens. And it's like. I can't even get the things i'm into so i kind of get it making. Yes yeah anyway. Congratulations cookie on one hundred. Twenty six thousand followers make sure cookie. Fontaine on cox dot com. Get your cooking fontaine. Merchants bisexual the gina's wearing day. T shirts sweatshirts village gotti. So he dies. I go for a walk without my phone. What what. I see on the one time. I don't have a picture because you know. I'll take pictures. I'll post just this week. And i posted a picture. Wellington dr garcia and gentleman We happen to match one day. And i put on the the right so i'm not there. I'm always thinking about the show. What did i see. Ross over here. Talk merchandise dot com yes. I wasn't any gas matching couples. But i think it's too obvious. Now i'm going to say a throttle Good guests good bye but it is brought matthew ross matthews road. No no de matthews over near here okay. What now what. Now what was it. Yes dub scotty here. Was it a sort of line of moons in a row as it were like a family of ducks be wonderful but is it correct. Gentleman is in you look at. I am either guests. Visit a pair of dirty pants thrown in the gutter out. No i it. Was it a person that we know. No it wasn't even a person you guys. It was dog. Oh bonnet how you manage. Was i walk for an excuse. Me is your dog in a bonnet and she goes. Yeah i make them did you get. Does she have a store. Did you get in for me. All no kkk for my dog steve to have a vomit and i was mad that it can take a picture. I sort of like you. You make them. i didn't i. I didn't even follow up question. And then she was gone. They both were the. What did you learn from that moment. The lesson is thank god. We have phones in anybody tells you. Get your head out of your own. Ge get their head out of their ass let me tell you. That's because why allergy so we don't miss opportunities like talking about it exactly a tori. You can google at google google google.

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