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Hello everyone welcome titov nerdy today's october third 2017 and i'm your host cara santa maria now this week is a fascinating episode i'm joined by caitlyn dodie she's a mortician and a death acceptance advocate but before we dive into that episode i want to let you guys know that i am so incredibly grateful for all of your ongoing support it's because of you that talk nerdy is and will always remain one hundred percent free to download now i'm actually time travelling a little bit because i'm recording this intro while i'm at home and have my quit meant but i'm about to go gallivan tting across the world i'm spending some time in paris and some time in north africa and i'm actually going to be hosting this episode while i am overseas so that's why i'm not going to give specific callouts to anybody who has shown their support on patriotic or pay pal simply because i would hate to leave anybody out so when i get back into town i'll make sure to give everybody credit where it's you but in the meantime i say we dive right in i mentioned before caitlin she actually has a brand new book it's called from here to eternity travelling the world to find the good death as i mentioned she is a mortician and she's also a death acceptance advocate and she has a non profit mortuary in los angeles called undertaking la just fascinating so without any further ado here she is kaitlan dodie.

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