Donald Trump, Congress, Mcconnell discussed on CNN's The Daily DC - Jeff Flake's rebuke, on the Daily DC


By more than 2to1 republicans truth president trump to handle the major issues facing the country over republicans in congress sixty three percent of republicans say president trump should be the one to handle the major issues facing the country they trust him more to do so only twenty nine percent of republicans say that republicans in congress are more trusted should be the more trusted to handle the majors twenty nine percent of their fellow republicans that the vote of confidence that mcconnell and ryan hansa win that you see their tepid responses to flake into corcoran they want to dismiss it is twitter fighter uh you know just tried a sweep past it's because they understand that they are not in the same place as their voters the or as the voters who sent their members to the congress and they are keenly aware of these numbers and they fully explain why were getting the responses we are from them these ease weird the republican party is donald trump ease reshaping it in he's image and the fallout from that well tune in to november 2018 will see a tune in to 2020 we don't know yet but will we do know is he is succeeding in remaking the party in his image that does it for this edition of the daily dc thank you so much for listening hope you'll tune in again right here tomorrow hey before you go we wanted to let you know that we just launched the ability for anyone to advertise on cnn podcast you're just a few quick away from reaching millions of people in a way that you never have before advertise were a business event or kickoff and awareness campaign for your brand start today at pure winning dot com slash cnn integrating podcast into your marketing mix has never been easier will even tell you how to save fifteen percent on your cnn campaigns for the rest of 2017 go to pure winning dot com slash cnn to get started.

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