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High profile school and being on national television every week to make it into people's heisman consideration consideration anyway i have. I have another. I have another for u._s._c. and that would be a door. A jackson. Remember <unk> adora jackson because like in in addition to being a very charming and versatile player right who really couldn't rack up enough sort of he couldn't rack up the given the way he played at the corner and then they sort of these punt returns right <hes> he couldn't build up enough of a profile to become like a statistically super bursik different player in terms of awards right but adoring jackson also this is like when he got dislike he got slipped and fell while on a route that john ross john ross faked him on a slant and went deep in two thousand sixteen which that happens right. It happens to good players <hes>. I'm the best part is that after that play happened. John ross on twitter or jackson on twitter. You're reacted with like l._l. Happens bra and then like you know crying emoji crying emoji crying emoji. It's the little things things like that that gets you consideration and make you an an interesting player at sort of an otherwise like excellent football monolith yet. Here's a here's another one. I would throw <music> out from a big school denard robinson. Ooh i think so. I mean we've agreed carl. Jones would have been eligible right right and i it would have been a front runner so like if ohio states eligible almost everyone is eligible it. Let's go straight to the top here. Yeah notre dame oh golden tate what have been people's like. I'm sorry but it one to the michigan solly argument yeah this. This is a this is another example of this is actually a great follow example because this is another <hes> this is another instance instance of a player overcoming being at a famous football school to vault himself quite literally in this case into people's eyes link consideration yeah i would also so maybe include quinton nelson that but i i base that strictly on a series of cut ups cole cubelic did of him that was like it was like twenty snaps of quinten nelson taking people's souls on blocks and then just being like a giant old doboy looking hammer of of a man on the sidelines so i might that's valid. I think yeah like that's the equivalent of high stepping touchdown raising. I would have also said lewis snacks mostly because half the nickname irish cha. I'm actually embarrassed. I didn't think of louis next first because <hes> do you guys remember the. I don't think it's up anymore. Purdue you guys remember the love letter youtube video he made to coline cereal with which was living lounging seductively on what appeared to be a dorm bunk bed lip synching to god bless the broken road while staring at kashi. Yeah see you can do this with notre dame now a bigger challenge. It's remained because of bigger than notre dame. Yeah no bigger challenge for notre dame just because of how restrictive they've been under nick saban his alabama like can you pick anyone out of alabama you you go under nick sabin specifically. Well yeah like that's hard right like you can make i'm sure you can pick people out of alabama not well under statement but i mean who was the offensive lineman who designed video games or built his own gaming. Oh yeah <hes> he builds his built like a gaming rig jones miss. We're forgetting where forgetting some quarterback that ran himself afoul of nick in them uh eight a._j. Mccarron close yeah. No no no. You're missing. You're missing l. Where i'm forgetting somebody super obvious okay no. I'm feeling who was i've i've. I've got this memory. My head of some player running afoul coker coker is is the odds on favorite from alabama for the people's heisman because everyone's sort of forgot who he was. He was just this giant remember. He came in <hes> in a in a crisis because when alabama loss w that was oldness the second time the starter was cooper bateman cooper batman comper batman copper yeah and and i like how we still have these colin responses.

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