Emmanuel Macron, President Trump, Anita Santi Marcus discussed on BBC World Service


To France now and the beginnings of what will be known as the grand deba-. It's being launched today at president Emmanuel Macron to address the recent unrest by the yellow vest protests which erupted in November over high fuel taxes before becoming a widely supported revolt over inequality. Our correspondent, Hugh Scofield has this report. They haven't gone away the yellow vests every week. Now, staging the anti-system rallies like this one in the city of Bourj, the protests aren't huge they're generally nonviolent, but they serve to keep up the pressure on president Macron and send out the message. The people still want to be heard and upon the responsibility. Now, Anita Santi Marcus says he's listening now having already announced ten billion euros in handouts to calm the protests. The president's moving to face to launching a two month Grand National debate in order precisely to hear what the people say. So how will it work is grand debate? Well, the idea is that anyone can ask to chair a meeting and be part of the consultation, they need to register online. They'll receive a kind of debating Keaton information pack, then the results in mid March will be fed up to government after which well who knows? Among the yellow vested in Bordj. Not everyone dismisses the debate out of hand..

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