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So the start of that season in september. That you just referenced. Rich it's going to be september twelfth. Two thousand and twenty one. That means that robert sala will most likely officially began his career as the first muslim head coach in. Nfl history the day after the twentieth anniversary of nine eleven. How significant do you think that is for. Robert solid very significant on many levels. And i know robert talked about the meaning of it in his introductory press conference. It's humbling and You know especially back home Where i'm from dearborn michigan. So there's a lot of pride and so it is a very humbling experience and you know when you look at a An end for organizations and you look at the locker room and and it's like the ultimate melting pot of different people in different races and different Stories that get together with one goal and so out to be a part of that as as special reg after thirty two years of service covering this team. Thank you for helping the city of new york. Look forward to number thirty three. Who was my pleasure. Thanks for having me on. I'm pablo toray and this has been. Espn daily. I'll talk to you monday..

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