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New Toyota's Hyundais and Subarus is a bit small dot com That's transparent EU, Khun Trust I'm Rob Stallworth. W T o p traffic And now we go live to storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets and Lauren The word of the day is raw. Oh, yes, it certainly especially with temperatures in the forties and the steady rain that we have been seen all morning. You're absolutely right Temperatures again in the forties. All throughout the day. Some of that steady rain is starting to push out of here. Well, I guess I should say, starting to clear the Shannon Dove Valley amaze most areas east of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We're seeing that steady rain, but it is slowly Lifting to the East Northeast, so we will see some more shower like activity this afternoon for a lot of the region as opposed to just that steady rain. Now as we head into the overnight we are looking at a little bit more drizzle and patchy shower activity is opposed to the steady rain temperatures stay in the forties overnight and then tomorrow we're right back through in sixties we come back into the sixties want have some rain showers in the morning early morning, but that'll taper off through The commute is a little fog tomorrow morning, but through the day tomorrow mostly cloudy, few peaks of some late in the day, but again sixties were in the mid sixties on Tuesday Wednesday. We do have some small chance of rain later later on Tuesday, and possibly in a Wednesday morning, but either way, both days Mostly cloudy and then some heavy rain possible Thursday through the day on Friday, But we clear out for this upcoming weekend, of course, is upcoming weekend is Halloween looking good temperatures now 48 here in Washington. That's a good 20 degrees. When we where we were this time yesterday, Gaithersburg 45 Lee's Bergen 43. And it's 44 degrees here in friendship Heights at 10 12 hard to believe that we're about a week away from the presidential election, even though tens of millions of Americans about 60 million have already voted either in early voting centers or by.

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