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Got Fred and we are one correct. Answer away from ending is God awful year of 2021 a winner, too, for three number four this 40 Niner says. That C J and I can only assume you mean CJ Beth third. Is inspiring because he works so hard, no matter what, and I've always been so inspired by CJ on I talked about it earlier this week with you guys just how this guy just grinds regardless of what's happened to him and the circumstances. This guy's going through a lot. The last couple years and again, like I said earlier in the week, I felt like he was being unfairly judged for his first couple of years in the league and You know just how tough it was to play as Ah, Rookie in a second year guy with the roster we had at the time, so I knew it when he got his opportunity like he did tonight, I felt like he was gonna run with it. And I'm sure he could. He could tell you about all the plays that he'd like to play better, but I'll just say the guy inspires us so much, and we're so happy to go out there and perform for him because you know a lot of guys could about out tonight and they didn't have to. You know, Go do what we different Okay? The person I'm going to guess on this one. I'm very thankful for because this person is personally in charge. Fixing. Very famous nickname. Because a person who used to have this nickname Um Ended up killing people. And so we don't like that person anymore, And I like people who don't kill other people. So I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go with juice for the wind. Yeah, that's my guy Carl used yet. There it is. There it is. Real juice. How you is Chuck Number five, just for fun just to rub it in. This'll 40 out of defensive player says that it feels amazing to execute it a high level Always great. It's been great, You know, we put in a lot of work throughout the week and just go out here and execute at a high level. It's been amazing for our group as our unit as a defense just to go out here and execute. Eyes on a details, guys and making plays so excited for spoon man. He'd been through a lot since his whole career here, you know, being criticized know that, but he just come to work every day. You know, he just put his head down and just get to work, and it just paid off. I just So happy. Just find him out there and making big plays for last man. It was amazing. Okay, There's two guys. This could be, I think. E. There's a There's a bunch of guys. This could be I don't have two names in my mind on who On who might be talking here. I want to give the textures a few. Theo, throw some techs in here. But I believe That this Is Jimmy Ward eyes that Kei Wan? I know it was one of them. I know it was one of them. I knew is either Jimmy. Okay. Juan Gas started. Okay. I still want That's the one. Come on. Come on, Danny. Put the L on your forehead. If it's a big al, what's it said? Oh, what a loser. Mm hmm. That was fun. That was good. Okay, West Goldberg. Let's get back to the Warriors. Who had I thought That was the fourth quarter last night was their best moment yet. James Wiseman have had a tough night. But he had some unbelievable plays mixed in Andrew Wiggins with his best moments as a warrior did it all without Steph Curry on the floor. That was the most important thing. As I said earlier today, it was kind of like the Warriors learned how to get the kids ready.

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