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Poor little thing. So's suffering out there is so. At none of this is dimension. The incestuous nature. Of the Washington establishment, mom and dad. Harvard daughter gets into Harvard. Mom and dad Newsweek, then they need to HBO. Also, the moms working at comedy central producing the coal bear reports. Now this babe. As a brother working for H, B, O sports or sisters of venture capitalist. She works for time has a serious radio show. You know, we're focusing on these Hollywood people that bought their kids way into college. But how I mean? The establishment is the established ruling classes the ruling class, they take care and yet here, you have some of the most privileged young people in America walking around in this apocalyptic Hayes, and they happen to have prominent positions in the media and education. I'll guarantee you. They don't know diddly squat about the founding of this country. They think they do. But I'll bet you they haven't. I'll bet you the amount appreciation. They have fought you could get inside a thimble. That's how little. More than likely been properly or accurately taught about it. By the way, President Trump tweeted moments ago, Mexico's doing nothing to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants immigrants to our country. They're all talk and no action, likewise, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, they've taken our money for years, and they do nothing. The Democrats don't care at such bad laws. I may close the southern border. He said, Mr President to do it. Three things close the border send ice in the border patrol down. And shut it down. They failed to override your veto on the declaration of a national emergency start building the wall shut the border de classify all the documents involving the investigation so-called into Russian collusion, including the FIS award applications. And then pardon everybody, pardon Flynn, pardon Manafort, pardon everybody. I see all that done by the close of business today. Back to the phones Baltimore as Meghan. You're next on the EIB network. Hi. Meghan. Are you there? Like nobody's there. Let's try Matthew in Tallahassee Florida. Are you there by any chance? Yes. I am here in just want to say thank you for taking my call. You bet listening very first time caller. Wanting to get you in a previously. You were talking about an article all the millennials going through all the doom and gloom growing up. I'm twenty five I wrote right at the same time. He did in my opinion. Honestly, we grew to a bombers era his legacy if she would he was high taxes economic dropout. I watch a lot of businesses closed a lotta homes for clothes on. And that's what we grew up in. We've never seen at least my age as you eighteen to thirty four never seen an economy like there may it. Truthfully. Thankful to Trump what he's done and look out for us. Well, I see a lot of my friends. They all there's doom and gloom. But I I think you're totally has to do with what I when I finally do explain to them and show them how much economy's growing how much wait a minute. Wait a minute that you need to help me out with something. I totally understand that a lot of millennials have never experienced in economy. Like this. They have never been alive during this kind of uptick in economic activity and opportunity, and you grew up during the Obama, and of course, but they loved Obama where was the pessimism and the apocalyptic nature during Obama, they loved Obama when everything was going to hell explain that to me. Well, well. Truthfully, all the ones that were all metal Medicated that had all these government benefits. Of course, they vomit who wouldn't want him getting pretty stuff all the time at taxpayers expense. But for those that are hard-working blue-collar families we kid so I know my family we lost our insurance ObamaCare when they see the individual mandate, we were paying upwards of six hundred dollars in fines for it. We we lost our house. My parents. We ended up losing our house is the axe rates. Federal government raised interest rates raised our mortgage rates and just everything Obama did and everything the trickle of economics and the Democrats leading it's garbage it never works. It never hassle. The a lot of it. Why don't you hate America? Given everything had happened to you that you just described you Auster health insurance lost her house going to help the Handbasket during Obama why you know, you ought to be joining the millennials who don't like the country and think we're in the last days, but you're not obviously, you're not you're much more optimistic than. Oh, yes. I mean, we we live in America. I it is the greatest nation. And it's still the greatest nation world. You have every opportunity at your fingertips if you're willing to work for now. Many people have everything they want at the tip of their fingers. You know, look at your. I mean, you have instant gratification. Nobody's really work anymore to do what they want. And they believe in their push that a college education will get you a job. You don't have to do much. You're still make a lot of money, and that's completely false. Well, that's handled. That is an excellent point, by the way. And the whole idea of a college education has been so promoted inculcated that there is a belief that once you get the degree and get out that you're set. It's another. I know what set of false expectations that have been created. I think I think the leftist is so poisonous I it's it's hard to to to actually calculate it. But the things that they actually end up convincing people that are true and to believe in. Those things are poison. To your own self esteem, your own cognizance awareness of your own existence is just giving example, if you go back to this time magazine story written by Charlotte alter the well to do daughter of the elite and well-to-do Jonathan Alder and his is his wife. It'll her name is Lazar. What was the? Emily Lazar is the mother of Charlotte alter and this time magazine story on Alexandria, conceal. Cortes, one of the things that Charlotte alter sites. As evidence of poverty. Evidence of the poverty that AO see lives in is her high two hundred dollar a month premiums for mandatory mandatory ObamaCare. In the story. She refers to two hundred dollars a month premiums or mandatory ObamaCare as evidence of poverty. She has to spend that much for healthcare, and it makes her poor every well, wait a minute. I thought healthcare is all anybody needed. I thought it was the most important thing you had to have helped two hundred bucks a.

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