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I don't know how much of a surprise it could be when you're batting tied list and a gold glove winner, but DJ LeMay has been so much more than advertised. And maybe we didn't get a chance to see him every day because he played in Colorado. He's an exquisite baseball player. He knows exactly how to play the game, and he's not the type of guy that you can shift on. Have to play him straight up because he uses foul line to align. He's that good of a player and defensively. He's, he's outstanding. So that'd be number two and number three. All we'd be Domingo's Vermont. He has somehow, lessen the loss of Luis Severino was supposed to be your ace. And I just look at him on, I can't believe he has nine wins. And I know that the have always liked him ever since they got him from the Marlins, but they certainly I don't think could have been vision. Nine in one the fact that he could take the sting out of out of losing the ace of your team will not pitching an inning for you all year. In fact, I pitched an inning for you in spring training just tells you how dynamic he's been. So those would be my top three. I think. And now as they begin to get some guys back TD, regardless seems to be getting closer, Aaron judge is making progress Luis Severino played catch yesterday. I know that from watching you guys yesterday on the yes network, who what's your sense of who there is the most uncertainty about wh in terms of coming back from injuries as we move forward, I would say it's probably Severino, because obviously had a shoulder issue before the latte issue cropped up. So they shut them down just to calm down the shoulder inflammation. And then the latte issue also made him shut down. So he's not feeling any pain right now. And yesterday what you saw was just simply throwing on flat ground. He's a long way away. And then you hope that he returns to the form that he had in the first half last year. I say that's a question Mark. I think they're betting on it. But I don't think they're betting the house on it, the most likely to come back. I I is d d that could probably be in Toronto next week when the Ke's finished the the four games. With the the Red Sox sometime in that series or either in Cleveland, and I think, after that, it would be Stanton, and then judge Stanton is making progress. They feel pretty good about where he's had it and judge, although he's progressing, I don't think is as close as Stanton. I don't so you could mix him Batanes us in there as well. I don't think he's real close, but, you know, it could be a month if everything goes, well, maybe three three weeks. Two-month. We got a great question for PK Steinberg who asked about DJ LeMay you and, and how good he's been so far. His question is are the Yankees facing difficult decision with some of their injured players come back or they just going to be wicked awesomely deep. What do you think? Well, unfortunately, you can only carry twenty five men, so they can't be that wickedly awesomely deep. And I think you BUSTER is that he's going to be the guy that they signed him to be he's gonna play thirty he's gonna play second. He's gonna play. I he's a D H A little, he's going to do everything he's going to be an everyday player without an everyday position. I think the guy that gets lost in the shuffle here. There's probably two they get lost in the shuffle. That would be Tiro Estrada who they love. I, I don't know how there's room on the roster for him. It'd be LeMay who, who would be that everyday guy. And although there's no sign yet of him coming back. I think the ankles would make have to make the hard decision and probably designate for Simon Choi to Lewinsky 'cause I I'm not quite sure how he fits. Especially with the fact that, you know, your major league roster is going to be loaded. And LeMay was that backup infielder, who's gonna play every day?.

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