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Packers as they open up against the New Orleans Saints. This game was supposed to be played in New Orleans, but it's being played in Jacksonville as the Superdome and the city of New Orleans not ready to host a game. Following Hurricane night up Packers come in mostly healthy. The only player who has been officially ruled out is safety Verden Scott with a hamstring defensive lineman title. Lancaster and linebacker Za'darius Smith are each dealing with back issues and they are officially listed as questionable kickoff time today. 3 25. Our coverage begins at 12 o'clock. With WTMJ is opening drive Badgers football Yesterday they pick up a win over eastern Michigan, 34 to 7 after the game. Head coach Paul Chryst was very quick to praise his defense and said, there's gained more right now out of the defense and the offense defensively, obviously played really, really well, you know, certainly had some things offensively that, uh, we're good, but Early. We didn't finish the first drive, and and then it's a shame we were playing defensively and the pick six. But you know, it was good to get a lot of guys chance to play. And I'm proud of their efforts, and it was good to get the victory. The Badgers go into an off week and then a big game against Notre Dame coming up on September 25th historic night for the Milwaukee Brewers, a three Nothing win against the Cleveland Indians. As the team comes up with their second ever no hitter, You have to go all the way back to 1987 and one Davis for the first ever no hitter. This one, a combined no hitter as Corbyn. Burns throws the first eight innings, and then Josh Shader finishes things after that manager Craig Counsell commenting after the game that has throughout the year, he has stood in the dugout with the number of its coaches, including third base coach Jason Lane. The feeling has always been that eventually the Brewers and the pitching that they have would pick up the no hitter expected it to happen at some point, and then all the no hitters that happened in baseball this year. You did expect it to happen at some point until Jason number of times it's going to happen. Uh, It's going to happen for us with one of these guys, They're so good that it's going to happen for one of them. There's a lot of discussion after the game on whether or not it was the right call to pull Corbyn Burns after eight innings at 115 pitches, Burns said that coming out at that point was the right decision is to keep everything healthy and make sure we're healthy. 1st September the end of September and put into the end of the postseason, so pushing the pitch count there probably wasn't the smartest idea, but, um yeah, fight you up, 38, But yeah, I know. I know. Shop for the night Brewers Look for a seat. Three sweep of Cleveland this afternoon. It's going to be Eric lower on the mound. 12 11th pitch coverage begins at 11 35 on Sister Station. 94, 5, ESPN. Matt Paulie WTMJ Sports. Thank you very much, Matt coming up. Next. It's the entertainment spotlight. We will be checking in with Dwayne Dudek here, WTMJ. It's Wisconsin's weekend morning news at 8 49. It was a long off season full of Jordan Love quarterback by this.

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