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Today on something you should know how much you eat and how much you enjoy what you eat depends in part on the room you're sitting in all explain then cheating in relationships how much does it happen and why is it so tempting to so many the problem with extra ality is what's forbidden is often very very enticing to sexually very attractive so thing with the rule saying within lines sometimes not such a turn on plus when you have to wear a name tag at a business function there's actually a proper way in a proper place to wear it and some great advice for people who feel like they're always too busy and always to rushed i had nine hundred people track their time for i found that the people who felt most starved for time the stress and rush actually spent more time watching tv and on social media than the people who felt the lease stress all this today on something you should know somethingyoushouldknow fascinating intel world top experts and practical advice you can use in your life today something you should know mike carruthers you know when you're in the podcasting business as i am and you talked to other people in the business or you talk to people who listen to podcasts a lot assume that everybody knows what it means to subscribe to a podcast and yet i often come across people who don't know what it means they don't know a how to do it and be they don't understand the concept because the word subscription is usually tied to money i mean when you subscribe to the newspaper or you subscribe to net flix or subscription usually costs money but podcasts for the most part are free but people here subscription and they think oh maybe i better not and some people don't know that that on i tunes in and pretty much any other platform spotify stitcher google play you can subscribe to a podcast for free with basically the click of a button and then the podcasts are sent to you when.

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