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And this is why would we read about sally quinn in her heck's is we read about the clintons in their dod worry about over weary about nancy reagan what you do with round reagan ritual ism astrology we wonder okay so washington d c is all once again as i've said the politics are are are basically theater for ugly people in theater for people who practise a form of witchcraft or at least not necessarily witchcraft that we all know that the earth religions in the in the wik in the pagan what we're seeing of her seeing people who actually as you say get involved with something like the dark arts and you're looking at these lease a ritual was the get togethers with the spirit cakes for the spirit cookies baid from blood in seamen and breast milk and you're thinking and yet noone investigates john podesta after he says you after he's a part of this and no one sees it as evil would in reality its ritualistically dark i don't get it yeah one of the things that i noticed that was very telling about marina and brahma vic the accolta stand dealing with the best as there was a lot of talk you did it on your show i didn't or my show the secret teachings and i'm talking about these subjects for years all of the sudden at pizza gates subject came up in it really obscured this other information that came out an emails and of course you said we talked about uh some of those people that work with the clintons who talked about what they would do joining the cub cupboard and things of this nature human but london nn arena embryonic there's two things that i noticed one in some of the videos where she's actually painting needs tiny little effigies they kind of like the golam it's almost as if we're bringing and invoking some form of life and when you look at the substance that use she went back to alastair crowley and alastair crawley had a ceremony called cake of light now zerkalo use the cake of light sacrament or ceremony he used blood and honey and a few others things she changed that up she uses blood which is the life force seamen which is the seat of life in breast milk which is a nurturing substance you take blood seamen and.

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