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There's a little man who played for washington remember that little man degree narrow green is like what like five nine what he was another smaller right there hall of fame. You can do it a lot of different way right. So here's what. I think just happened. Jerry jones hired mike mccarthy and he gave him carte blonde she said you pick your staff you pick your coordinating and you know what mike did. He reached back into his past for mike. Nolan who wants voter time had given him. Job is an offensive coordinator when mike was the head coach in san francisco. So of nepotism not exactly related but football related. Where i owe you. I'm going to get you paid. I'm going to get you. I'm gonna pull you out of mothballs app out of the addict. I'm going to dust you off. And i'm going to give you the defensive coordinator job of the dallas cowboys. America's team and shannon disaster from the start every free agent that jerry had handpicked rebelled on him turned on him to the point that at midseason jerry had to say i gotta clean house. Because i got a mutiny. Oh my hands locker room. So every one of those free agents gone gone gone gone because they said this is not the way you do it in wrestling because they'd all had success other place under other coach. So jerry said okay mic. I gave you your shot. Now it's my turn. And he goes out and takes the guy who happens to be on the open market. This guy's name is dan quinn. And what had happened to dan. Quinn in washington. Well he became the head coach in two thousand fifteen and he is a defensive coach because he earned his spurs. He gained his fame. Coaching the legion. Abhu greg wait a second. Did he pick those players and mould those flares into what they know. No was the original architect critically so it was already in motion and emplaced when dan quinn took all jars mount. Mp carol pick those play okay. Thank you very much so just quickly to show you the background of one dan quinn. He played at salisbury state maryland. Fine i'll give you that. And he's from morristown new jersey. But then he goes to william and mary as an assistant and via my and hofstra for awhile but finally he gets mariuchi and san francisco to hire him as though quality control coach. Where you know what that is. That's still bottom in guy. Who just he's he. Does the legwork staple and papers together you playing okay but it got him in the door of the nfl and then he goes. The dolphins and the jesse goes briefly to seattle with jim mora and then he goes to florida college football with must champ. Who's a close friend of his the dc and then he goes back to seattle and you know the rest of that legion of boom story for twenty thirteen and fourteen and then here he comes to atlanta here. His defensive ranks in points allowed. While he's with the atlanta falcons. He's overseeing the he's effectively be as the dc atlanta ranks starting twenty fifteen fourteenth twenty-seventh than eight twenty fifth twenty and in the last year. Twenty twenty last year nineteenth. So that's an average of ranking nineteenth in the nfl in points allowed in somehow your guru of really even in the year they got to super bowl they ranked twenty seven hundred. And it was matt ryan in the bombs away to leo so my question is if you will type of defensive player you wanna long angular guy. Why didn't you get those in atlanta. And if you did why would any none like that in atlanta that i know of no one. I don't wanna uk. But from what. I know of dan quinn. He is very charismatic. In can be very overpowering. One on one..

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