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Troubles to report so far. Riding along D. C. Tu 95 or I to 95 freeways. Good third Street tunnels. Fine Constitution Avenue is closed between First Street, Northwest and First Street Northeast that is scheduled barrier maintenance Metro rail will be operating on a Sunday schedule starting at eight o'clock this morning. Running till 11 tonight. Metrobus will also operate on a Sunday schedule. There's no mark or very service today, when it comes to hypersonic missiles. Every second counts. Aerojet Rocketdyne pioneered advanced Hypersonic propulsion technology, and they continue to lead it. Learn more at rocket dot com. Jack Taylor w T o P. Traffic that a storm team four meteorologist Mike Stanford. I see a good deal of sunshine today, one more pleasant day with fairly low humidity. And look for a high in the low to mid eighties is high pressure moves offshore. Tonight, ER was become easterly in south easterly that's gonna bring moisture in from the Atlantic. So partly cloudy skies overnight and turning more McGee overnight lows in the upper sixties to lower seventies partly sunny skies warm and muggy on Tuesday, we'll see how high in the mid to upper eighties Dinner. Weather turns rather unsettled, partly sunny skies on Wednesday. We'll see showers. Sense of Manfred thunderstorms Highs Leather made eighties front comes our way on Thursday. More showers and more storms highs in the mid eighties and front's going to stall for unsettled weather for Friday and into the weekend. I'm strong team for meteorology is by Stanford 64 degrees in Rockville, It's 60 and Fairfax. 62 degrees outside the W T o P studios brought to you by mattress.

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