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On his time. 3 24. Here's marina with our traffic on the force from the juvenile law Group Traffic Center. Well, the big story today has been highway 18. We still have the eastbound lanes of 18 closed between I five and wear Hauser westbound. There is one lane getting through, Uh, over towards I five but the ramps to eastbound highway 18 from my five northbound Also completely blocked. This is the result of an earlier collision that involved a couple semis were a couple semi and a few other vehicles that resulted in a pretty significant fire. So it's really been tough in that area right now. And so South 25 is solid out of federal way. 3/20 through five North found out of five is bumper to bumper from 54th, too. Highway 18 eastbound 5 12. We've had a collision blocking their canyon. The ramp to eastbound 5 12 is partially blocked as well at canyon, so it's solid for my five. We are looking at slowdown. Outbound 167 from Highway 18 to Ellingson. It's also tough in Sumner. We're looking at bumper to bumper in Bellevue, Ch. Four or 55 22. Newcastle South on I five solid from Northgate into Seattle and Another lengthy back up north on I five going into effort from 1 28 up to 1 12 because we've had a collision blocking in that effort area as well in the carpool lane. You're not this good traffic sponsored by Staples Store Staples is everything. You need it's evolving to staples Connect a new world of possible with innovative tools for small business and remote workers and learners. Explore what's new at your local staple store. Staples. Connect dot com Next common traffic 3 34 Morning clouds tomorrow afternoon sunshine. The forecast I'll be 71 downtown Seattle.

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