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What your sentiment has been for a long time small government lower taxes follow the constitution originalist judges a strong national defence and secure the border these aren't new ideas these are all the ideas and we've been talking about him since i've been on the radio and we have fought the republican establishment every step of the way and i can remember mr produce remembers to what i was kinda mocked oh there's he areas fighting the republican establish i remember when other radio host wouldn't even take on republicans by name who are elected in washington isn't that right rich yeah they never mention mcconnell's name they wouldn't mentioned daivs name it would mention any of them any of them because they wanted them as guests or they wanted inside information or whatever what i can remember backing matt bevin in kentucky again's mitch mcconnell and i didn't have any support whatsoever not for many websites not for many radio hosts not from any talk show up folks on nobody you can ask matt bevin that yourself he's not the governor i want my mentioning this because mitch mcconnell has of finding a way of rewriting history let me tell you the candidates mcconnell opposed and support it before i get to his audio in 2010 there was a tea party candidate like him are not eight tea party candidate in florida by the name of marco rubio is running against charlie chryst charlie chryst who now as a democrat congressman from florida mcconnell and jon karroll what is the guy's name from texas i can remember his name i.

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