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Gonna be up here working Ziggy allow it Ezekiel Elliott a notable absence owner Jerry Jones has few contracted aids to get done dak Prescott for one you Kelly I would like one as well may not be the highest priority though you don't have to have a rushing champion to win a Superbowl but am it was the first one to do it and that's one of the dilemmas at running back is that the league knows that he can win super bowls and not have the Emmitt Smith back there or not held as a back there consequently when we are looking and putting sakes contract in place we've got to realize that the old one would go is to win the Superbowl and so you got to do all of the things along with having say that allow you to have other players so that you can win the Superbowl that message from owner Jerry Jones to CBS eleven sports certainly resonating and kind of drawing a line in the sand on first take's Stephen A. Smith and former cowboy Michael Irvin gotta love Jerry Jones and I love the cowboys I love you to death I love but I love the store more than anything in the stall is not the start with doubt by proxy that puts me on the side we need to see without all gives that call call one forty one we got to know October November do you be so but it is over this do is penalized by all the all the Jews who also less than he is less than he is and now we gotta pay him according to them I think that's totally insane I think it's worth more to the Dallas Cowboys the Dallas Cowboys will get nowhere without losing all Z. cans don was called me to run the football and leave them in of C. east championship water three years I am Ozzy side because not all love the store roll with the cowboys in this I'm going to set up the estate I understand that you need to pay the kill it my problem is why can't he wait what is he don't know what his misbehavior games since he was missing his office which you can't what is it what is it when the billionaire's do business we for hate us the business of football but when the million a football player we want to do for business to what you're doing.

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